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Due to globalisation, consumers of insurance are getting lot of problems

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  2. atigupta

    Insurance Consumer

    hello frens i m an insurance related personnel wat kind of problems ur facing with insurance sector specially with lic of india i will b highly oblized to solve it
  3. What type of Problems you are facing due to Globalization
  4. indulkarshailu

    Insurance Consumer

    Greetings ;this are my two ploicies with lic Policy number:880967813(149-62) Policy number:880967877(149-62) Which are lapsed .What if i do not revived at the earliest,what will be my policy status ?what is paid up policy ?is it risky ?the person is insured? (History i will give very soon) ManyThanks,
  5. jyotiranjan

    Insurance Consumer

    ya really I would be interested to be a part of this group
  6. mohitgarg

    Insurance Consumer

    I think You must start this group at our sister site here: http://www.bighelpers.org


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