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This is a group of activists of Transparency and Accountability. Anyone interested to be part of this group may join. We may share here where the injustice is being made thorugh secrecy and we may share our achevements

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  2. Friends, In campaign change by Zee TV Kiran bedi emphasized on accountability as major issue in damini rape case. Not only damini case in every case lack of accountability is big issue and more than corruption. From 2007 on ward i am talking about accountability. Time will come and ultimately we will think about accountability. We made so many systems to make the system smooth but our all efforts failed due to lack of accountability in every system. Now our country need to work on accountability.
  3. Citizen of India must come forword to Fight Againts Corruption for the better future of the nation because India is suffering massive corruption in every dept and by Media and Press the Govt has to take JPC in one scam only but this is not enough there will be JPC for every corruption to washout these cancer from our nation. Though India is still 4th position in corruption across world IT survey and this is a serious matter and Every youth has to come forword to fight against corruption in your areas and in every dept for the better progress of our naton And Govt of India, Honorable Supreme Court along with Honorable President of India must help those citizen who are active in fighting corruption which are fogged in every dept of our nation So Friends fight against corruption
  4. Though India is suffering massive corruption in every states and suburbs areas and many corruptions still not projected The massive corruptions are still active in corporation, Municipality and other areas which also be washout by new generation peoples. At present government of India are by force from media and Press gone for JPC in 2G spectrum but this is not enough there are lot of corruptions active in every dept so people must join hands to washout the corrupt persons across nation for the better future of the new generation of nation
  5. I want to discuss about telecom operators activating value added services without intimation or can't take complaints also similarely for commercial calls and sms they can't take any legal action for last three years i'm getting too many promotional sms and calls
  6. RTI is the crown of democracy.Here the government is run by the people and for the people.Democracy can work only in an educated society and that it becomes ineffective in an uneducated one.In democracy,beuracrates play a major role and that people depend on them wholely. The officials are all educated ones,then why is it that the corruption has become an unnecessary evil and deep rooted.It is our misconception that the illiterates are untrue and unworthy.It is very disheartening to know that they are completely marginalised in the society.I think the whole mindset of the people needs to go for a drastic change.According to me the lack of patriotism has lead to huge menace in this country also the present education system does not concentrate on the value based education which most of them lack. According to me,RTI is a boon as well as an effective tool in the hands of the common man and to know the flaws made intentionally or unintentionally by the hirarchy of the officials.RTI has played a vital role in transforming young India into a more accountable and transparent one and there by making the dream come true of our great leaders who laid down their lives for us. I being the younger citizen of this great nation,give a call to all youngesters to arise and awake and join hands to make India one of the corruption free countries of the world and make India a better place to live in. From---Akshay P Malgi
  7. Many reputed international service organizations like Lions Club International & Rotary International have their presence in almost all countries of world. In India, also, these organizations are having their affiliated branch clubs/ associations in every nook and corner using the name of main organization added with tag of local City name like “Rotary Club Delhi”, “Lions Club Chennai” etc. Rather various areas have some time many a different branch clubs like “Jaycee Club of Delhi South” etc. These organizations have a special designed hierarchical structure in which Indian Territory is divided in various Districts. Each such district is containing a vast area and the boundaries are covering more than two or three or more states. Every District is further divided in to Regions and every Region in to Zones and every zone have various branch clubs under its administrative control. Indian Citizens can become the members of such branch clubs by paying a fixed Entrance fee ones and annual subscription regularly. Out of this money, a major part goes to the International Headquarter and a portion also to District. Every District is governed by an officer in charge mostly called “The Governor” who is local representative of the organization. These branch clubs, Zones, Regions and Districts are running various service projects and those projects are being funded by donations from public, government monetary aids, Government grants, Government free supplies etc from time to time, subsidized government leased lands and they collect various other donations and earnings like raffle draws, fates, entertainment parks, hospitals, education institutes, training institutes and other profit making ventures. There is other aspect of working of these clubs that a lot of money is also being spent on eating, drinking and self enjoyment and entertainment of the club members. While these clubs are supposed to maintain separate account for Self Entertainment and separate for Projects and the money received on account of service projects are not to be utilized by the entertainment, the discipline might not be kept strictly as statuary. I am of the opinion that these units come under the preview of RTI as these are utilizing public funds and as well as government aid too like availability of government Land on token lease and open financial help from time to time. Let us make a debate that if these clubs are “Public Authority” in context to RTI Act Section 2 (h) (d) (i & ii) and can designated “The District Governor” and others can be asked for some information
  8. I want that we all must work for the clean system and remove the filth thorugh acting vigrously after recieving the correct informations of the cause.
  9. yes i m your next friend n k singh.friends i have been selected in assam judicial service and after complition of one year of hectic training i with other 14 candidates all belongs to outside assam througn out from the service on the basis of language.we all have filed rti application to honourable high court about our fate and status now but we r not getting response.this is glaring example of regional bias.if this is so we should have not been recruited .we r going to fight this case in supreme court.but i would like to share this incident to u all so that vigilent indian citizen must know how the things going on in different part of country.
  10. hi joining to know how to identify flaws of administration happening in my local vicinity. Thereby to bring awareness among the people.
  11. i am a social worker.iam taking issues which are related with educational field. i want to learn and share my experiance through u r group ,so kindly bestowed membership and oblige
  12. "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." ~Mark Twain I wish everybody in the society should behave honestly. want to do something.
  13. Dear readers, A warm welcome to you to this web site. We are a research based Litigation Law Firm based in Mumbai and we are actively involved with subjects/topics and debates concerning human dignity and human rights on/off the Court. We take up matters concerning Police atrocities, Governmental misbehavior to citizens and non-citizens and fundamental right infringement matters. Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial and Real Estate are of our specialisation. People/friends and colleagues who require any help or guidance from us can contact us for any advise. Thanks, tripathiassociates@ymail.com
  14. Wish you happy and properous new year 2010. May god bless mre transparent and accountable india.
  15. We need to discuss ore on accountability. Unaccountability is big reason of corruption.
  16. We may ask information under RTI not only related to Judiciary, govt or enacted by parliament but we may ask information under RTI related to anyone in the country because every citizen of India is Governed by Govt.
  17. It is a major step to extend RTI to judiciary and to all those bodies created under an Act of Parliament/State legislature.
  18. Non of citizen is allowed to keep undeclared money. This is negligent behaviour of income tax authorities if anyone caught with undeclared money by any investigation agency. We need law for accountability.
  19. I just wanted to discuss about the money which is recovered from ministers on account of any fraud. Where this money goes? how does it utilize? Bribe is a crime for both either who is taking or whoever is giving. If any minister or anybody get caughted in such cases what about the person's who gave them bribe? Anybody would like to respond or mark any comment on this??
  20. Reliability, openness, consistency, respect, fairnes, congruence, competence, integrity, acceptance and character is base of trust. Lack of trust may be reason of stress, poor health, lack of communication, isolation, unhappiness, lack of productivity, frustration, distrust, irritation, anger, close mindness, prejudice, no team spirit, break down of morals, unco-operative behaviour, lack of credibility, poor self esteem, suspicion and conflict.
  21. Fight Against Corruption and make world a Corruption Free World and for that we all must be United .
  22. Role of accountant. 1. Account keeping 2. Aids control. 3. keep conscience of organisation. 4. Information managment for internal and external use. 5. Fiscal advisor. 6. Preparation of final accounts. 7. Verification,authentication and certification of accounts. If above all act may be defined as preparing information. Most of informations asked by the society are being prepared by accountants. Transparency and correctness of informations may provide us heaven on the earth. What accounting bodies are doing if it is not question mark on the working accounting bodies. What accounting bodies are teaching to students and on what basics they are working?


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