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JAI HIND How can we give online information? About crime or corruption. For news channels or police, vigilance, anti corruption cells. N.G.O. Who work against corruption? Mostly I email the information or story .but later I checked or know about action against victims the result is zero. Some times I am feeling UN secure for this work. Every week I email 2-3 stories to news channels, anti crime cells or others. This I do only make a pressure against victims. . I don’t want publicity or any type of gift, money other benefits. If any channel or N.G.O. Have time just give me knowledge how we fight against crime or corruption. How can I work on line as a free reporter? Awaited for your reply .hope we make a team fight against corruption. Thanks With regards jai hind

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  2. Dear, I don't know u r from anti corruption team or not, but i really want to do something for society
  3. JAI HIND India knows going on change .join hands together .make India crime or corruption free. As an Indian patriot, your job is to give information about crime or corruption online .if you know about any crime, corruption, child crime or women crime. Mail it to news channels, police, and vigilance or anti crime cells. Give information to all not only one. High light crime on internet .give your few minutes for your country in week. I AMIL 2-3 STORY ABOUT CORUPTION OR CRIME EVERY WEEK .WORKING AS FREE REPORTER. JAI HIND.


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