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this goup work for social help and inform about rti india

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    Introduction for members

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii Every body myself Jahangir Alam Siddique. My aim to make every body aware about this authority and use where ever applicable. I think this is very good tool if right people will use in right way, please don't allow to people play around this. With Regards With Regards
  3. Hi All, As I didn't find any discussion started in this group yet, lets begin with a general intro about self by the members. As I have initiated, I will start first with mine - I'm Amit Das, from a highly political state (West Bengal), the City of Joy (Kolkata), the birth place of Sepoy Mutiny by Shahid Mangal Pandey (Barrackpore). Likes to think myself as an activist, tries to convert these thoughts to action, follows up the actions with involvement. Member and contributor to Amnesty International, PETA India, certainly RTI India, Indian Consumer Complaints Forum, few smaller but significant blogs. Online blogger, quite infrequent though... Works with Spencers, in SAP under SCM Dept. Loves to get involved socially, but often gets involved emotionally as well...


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