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Let's work a team,united individuals against corruption and black money-the virus that's killing India and let's "UNITE TO UN-DO CORRUPTION" JOIN US JOIN INDIA.

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  2. vijendra singh

    Un-do corruption

    Yes; I am ready to fight. Actually I have been already fighting against this evil for past 30 years; & till date. To advance my fight ; I filed more than 300 RTI applications to various deptts of the state as well as central govt. Corruption is more & more dangerous than any other enemies of the society, nation. Now Anna Hazare took the responsibility; so we are dutiful to stand by him always. Pl visit Delhi Ramlila maidan; & inform me the date so that I can meet you there in the crowd of 1 lakh peoples.
  3. Friends, welcome to this new group.Top priority and the utmost necessity of the hour is the fight against corruption and black money,what are we gioing to do as an individual is very important and shake hands with one minded people. are you ready to fight the corrupt,the crooked and the greedy black money holders ? with e-regards, ASSASIN.


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