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  3. Prasad GLN

    Information regarding Third party bank statement

    The bankers are under statutory obligation to maintain secrecy of maintaining customer's Account. Except law enforcement government agencies, it is absolutely impossible to get such third party information from any bank either under RTI or through other way.
  4. Sir, I want information regarding transactions made by third party in Nationalized bank(Syndicate Bank)SB Account. How to get this information through online RTI Portal. Yours Faithfully, Jaganmohana D
  5. You may file a first appeal on the following ground: Grounds of First Appeal: 1. I had requested for the following information vide point no. 12 of the RTI application. The same is reproduced below: "Inform me the name, designation and current posting address of officers and subordinate staff who verified the parameters of the construction of the building specifically with respect to permissible FSI, Floor plan and structural strength of the existing building." The PIO has replied stating that the said request does not fall under the definition of information as given under
  6. When occupation certificate is not being given by CMDA, there must be some other custodian of that information. First get confirmation on custodian of the information and then seek copy of such inspection /recommended reports for giving occupancy certificate from that public authority.
  7. Filed RTI with CMDA seeking information about a Construction of an Apartment , Basement + Stilt + 12 Floors by a builder. PIO has provided information about FSI limit and denied information for the following query Query 12 Inform me the name, designation and current posting address of officers and subordinate staff who verified the parameters of the construction of the building specifically with respect to permissible FSI, Floor plan and structural strength of the existing building PIO Reply: Information does not come under purview of RTI Act as per section 2f
  8. vijay_13

    Ground for filing First appeal in TEP

    Yes sir right, I will surely remove the " Free of Cost" sent... and mention (Additional prayer) as mentioned. Thank you sir...
  9. Prasad GLN

    Dissolution of trust

    RTI is not a remedy. In important issues like land grab, immediate action is required. Contact a local advocate and explore such possibilities as expeditiously as possible. If you want fundamental knowledge search in google with key words "Dissolution of trust"
  10. Prasad GLN

    Ground for filing First appeal in TEP

    CIC decision was later overruled by Delhi HC. A simple sentence for condoning the delay is sufficient. This is just a formality . In the prayer just add one sentence. No need for using "Information as expeditiously as possible" "Free of cost". Applicant wants information ,the possibiity of getting it is highly improbable. If information is provided to day or tomorrow (investigation takes minimum 6 months). Pay Rs.2/- per page which is not too much. When you are delaying the first appeal, your prayer is for condoning and when CPIO makes a delay, you wanted free of cost !!! Be Fair
  11. My father purchased property where he formed trust and was founder after his death all property is in d name of my mother. Trust want to grab our land and trust is not doing work as per their objective. I need suggestions how trust can be dissolved. What information is required to get from RTI to dissolve trust. Where should I file RTI which authority. Pls guide
  12. vijay_13

    Ground for filing First appeal in TEP

    sir as i am filing FIRST APPEAL late actually it is beyond 30 days now, Can below PRAYER works in this case. The some delay has been occurred due to Covid-19 pandemic to file present First Appeal. The delay in filing present First Appeal is bonafidy and life to be condoned by the First Appeal Authority. Appellants prays for directions to CPIO for providing the information as expeditiously as possible free of cost.
  13. vijay_13

    Ground for filing First appeal in TEP

    Thanks Prasad Sir, For the drafting. sir as you mention CIC citation are their for getting status by complainant. can i get the link for same or else please let me know the citation keyword that we need to search for getting CIC dicision.
  14. Respected Damodar Sir, This is one of the best use of RTI. We appreciate your efforts for this. Since people don't know value of water you have made this into attention. Can I ask for the sample letter you sent to ministry of jal Shakti and complaint department under RTI ? This will be very helpful for al of us. Regards, Mitesh Kokare
  15. Prasad GLN

    Ground for filing First appeal in TEP

    Let us admit that to get such information is very difficult . There are CIC decisions that a complainant is entitled to get information on such status. Now that you have commenced a process and unfortunately those facing such harassment of dowry cases are not getting justice and becoming victims of threats. Delhi High court judgment states that such information must be obtained through process of court. CIC decisions and other court judgments rule in favour of wives alone ruling that claiming maintenance is vital for living and larger public interest is involved. Your TEP was
  16. Bar Association is having list of all enrolled advocates, and you can either search their directory/Diary or seek such information under RTI Act from HC Bar association.
  17. I have come across a lawyer who I feel is fake and he passes of himself as Telangana High Court lawyer, can anyone please help out on which department and office I need to file RTI to get the information?
  18. Hello sir, with the aid of this forum I have learned to file RTI and even gained fruitful result too. I Thank for same. sir I have file TEP in Feb-2020 on my FIL and others for which with help of RTI i have asked the status of my TEP application, officer attaining my application and other 2 points. Now on Feb 2021 I have received reply from ITO same attached for ref. I have prepared First appeal but Grounds for appeal, i am not able to make it clearly state here, hence need guidance on same. Attaching First appeal ReplyfromRti.pdf
  19. Police got money from my husband side and no one taking the case first of all
  20. Earlier
  21. Disclose what ever is known to you in the complaint, now within minutes the police can trace address through AADHAR base which may also might have stated the name of husband.

    Salary dispute

    My wife is working in KVS she was not able to report HQ after completion of summer vacation due to lockdown. We send online joining report and stared teaching online. She was paid for the month of July and August 2020. We continue to teach for September 2020 also but was not paid any salary for the month. On October 2020 we after situation got better in covid 19 report to station. After 7 days my wife was tested covid +ve due to the journey. Now the school is demanding a back date EOL application for month of September 2020. Which we have teach online and are having every proof of
  23. Sure but I don't know the ex wife details except her name
  24. Please go through tip given in the reply: 'Always approach Police either with an advocate or through Women's Voluntary organisation
  25. Police not cooperating
  26. First contact his wife and seek such evidence of Wedding card, photographs and whether marriage was registered. You can also check for their ration card/voter card/Bank account/AADHAR details if you have finally decided to file a case for cheating. Infact you want remedy. It is your duty to file such complaint to Police providing the name of first wife, and it is their duty to investigate the case and book him by collecting all such evidence. Do not waste time thinking that you have to collect all such evidence. The resources with individuals are very less when compared with profe
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