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  • NPAs under PM Modi's Mudra scheme jumped 126% in FY19
  • shows RTI
  • RTI query reveals banking frauds of ₹ 2.05 Trillion reported in the last 11 years
  • 509 per cent rise in cases under child labour law: Study
  • The Central Information Commission has allowed disclosure of file notings on the mercy petition of a rape and murder convict, rejecting the government's contention that the records cannot be disclosed as these are privileged documents under Article 74(2) of the Constitution.
  • Electoral bonds worth over ₹5,800 crore were bought by donors to fund political parties between March 1, 2018 and May 10, 2019, a Right to Information reply has said.
  • Don't pay 500/- for answer sheet now- Supreme Court says if Answer sheet is asked under RTI, RTI Fees will be governed

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  2. akshay6900


    RT @Chopsyturvey: Do not block way of a Punjabi ! Happened at Moga 😅 https://t.co/XZF44j0qAF

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    RT @Galibe_vishal: Debris near shivaji bridge lane vithoba temple main road @HMWSSBOnline has done the work but not cleared the debris @…

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  5. darrylco

    FAA filing date calculate

    I only got an acknowledgement stating that the RTI has been received and forwarded to the concerned department. Theoretically I was supposed to wait until 5th Dec but now do I have to wait 35 days from 11th Nov, say 16th Dec or stick with 5th Dec if response not received from the CPIO
  6. Prasad GLN

    FAA filing date calculate

    18th Nov, 2019 + 5 days holidays/postal transit= 23rd Nov,2019 and/or 30 days from date of receipt of CPIO response. If you receive a respone on 24th Nov,2019, then first appeal before 24th Dec,2019. There is no eifis time frame, and an appellant can always seek condoning few days delay stating such routine reasons. Please go through Sec.19 and get acquainted with appeals.
  7. akshay6900


    RT @ebbruz: 74% of lower court judges in Meghalaya are women. That is a statistic that is amazing in itself.

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    RT @DaMuzaffarpur: Child Rights Week being celebrated in the district with full gusto!!!
    Sessions on safe and unsafe touch to pledge and ra…

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    RT @fssaiindia: #FssaiInFocus
    FSSAI has extended the deadline for the implementation of the Food Safety and Standards Alcoholic Beverages R…

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    RT @akshaysocio: @DeccanChronicle @TOIIndiaNews @SakshiNewsPaper @eenadulivenews @IndianExpress @thenewsminute @NewsMeter_In Children are f…

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    RT @Riyazuddin555: Which auto rickshaw rear window / view is correct as per the law? 1st one or 2nd one? @hydcitypolice @RachakondaCop @HYD…

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    RT @RachakondaCop: #ScamAlert
    #besmart to save yourself from #fraudsters.
    @TelanganaDGP @HMOIndia @CyberCrimeRck https:…

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    RT @SukirtiDwivedi: This is the side of @DelhiPolice we all appreciate n would like to see more of...a policeman volunteered to help visual…

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    @AddlCPTrHyd @HYDTP @CYBTRAFFIC @SCSC_Cyberabad @Rachakonda_tfc Can we do something similar for the protection of t… https://t.co/a2ek2J4FzH

  15. If answer is not received from the PIO within 30 days from submission of RTI application one can file an appeal with the FAA. But it is advisable to wait another 5 days before filing the appeal. I hand delivered my RTI application to the RBI office on 1st November and got the stamp and signature of the receiving person. I received a letter of acknowledgement from RBI dated 11th November which was posted on 14th, received at my local post office on 18th and delivered to me on 20th by normal post. So what would be my date to wait to file the first appeal?
  16. akshay6900


    RT @adgpi: 20 November 1971

    In Eastern Sector, when the advance of leading platoon of his Regiment was held up by enemy machine gun fire,…

  17. akshay6900


    @bhairavigoswami Hon'ble @jaipur_police she should be booked U/s 283 & 294 of IPC as leaving this will encourage ma… https://t.co/IKdZsRgFe0

  18. akshay6900


    RT @say2nizamuddin1: @pistahouse_hyd @Director_EVDM @CommissionrGHMC @GHMCOnline @TSConsumers @JagoGrahakJago_ @amjedmbt

  19. Dinu1

    • Dinu1
    • Prasad GLN


    Prasad GLN

    Dear Sir 

    Plz can you share your email id  as last week you had given me the draft of second appeal to be filled I have made some additions to it want to get approved from you before filling the appeal

    Thank you 


    1. Prasad GLN

      Prasad GLN

      Sorry Mr.Dinu,

      There is strict discipline in the forum and every advice must be through open forum alone.

      Please post it as attachment and there are more possibilities of getting guidance from several experts.

      The very objective of the forum is to reach as many members as possible, and should not be restricted to one person alone.




    2. Dinu1


      Ok sir I am posting the same and  attaching the annextures request to have a look at it add/alter/ammend the same




      Grounds for appeal: CPIO has not applied his mind in providing the information which must have been disclosed as Voluntary disclosures under RTI Act.  The only additional information required was specific to Maharashtra, dealers operating without lease.  The dealers are appointed as per laid down norms as uploaded in respective website.  Providing this information of appointed dealer, without lease at any stretch of wild imagination amounts to personal information, as appointment was done by PSU.  Further, CPIO lacks fundamental knowledge in RTI, as even for denying such information, if CPIO treats it as personal information he has to seek comments of that third party as per stipulation in RTI Act..  As appointment of dealer is concerned with Laid down selection process, for better transparency and accountability, the action of the PSU needs scrutinization in larger public interest, and there are no exemptions in RTI under Sec.8 for larger public interest issues.(As I had applied to PAESO ie petroleum and Explosives safety organization on 23rd Aug 2019 Asking them for copy of Undertaking of Dealer controlled outlet which is to be signed by the dealer-cum land lord of the site          Accordingly they had replied details of premises like survey number license Number should be provided for the Information seeked copy marked as Annex 1 in the attachments

      Accordingly I had made an RTI Application to Indian oil corporation for providing me undertakings for Dealer-controlled  outlets    In the reply I was surpurised to see that they are not taking such undertakings from the Dealer controlled outlets Copy marked as Annex 2 in the attachments

      As there is major Voilations of PAESO rules the undertakings are not provided to paeso in the required format while renewing the Licenses and Indian oil is getting the License illegally renewed Accordingly I have made a grievance with Ministry of petroleum and Natural Gas on 17th sept 2019 Marked as Annex 3 in the attachments

                     As these type of wrong Undertakings are given by the oil companies to PAESO for renewal of Licenses So the action of the PSUs needs to be Scrutinized in large public Intrest of the Dealers feternity  So this is exempted Under Section 8 of RTI

      PRAYER: Appellant prays for directions to PIO for providing of this information as expeditiously as possible free of cost.  To avoid confusion and to educate CPIO, FAA may search in CIC website or SC judgment as to what exactly amounts to personal information.  Several RTI forums also disclosed such personal information which is exempted under RTI and procedure to be followed for inviting comments from third party even for disclosure of such exempted information.Annextures for first appeal.pdf

  20. sppataskar

    Complaint to Registrar

    Now a days no superior Officer will not react to the complaint against his subordinate officer, as expected.. At the the most, he will forward the complaint to him for getting his remarks or his just superior Office to inquire into and send the report, which is time consuming and no guarantee of positive results. Hence, getting status report or action taken report through RTI Act was suggested..
  21. akshay6900


    RT @rajakesarimdk: Traffic Park fore children's soon at LB Nagar, Hyderabad.
    @Strictroadrules @roadsafetyindia @Roadkraft1 @Puppala @HiHyde…

  22. akshay6900


    RT @shaileshgan: Supreme Court judgment weakens the RTI act :https://t.co/QuYyvZz1MM https://t.co/QuYyvZz1MM


    FAA asking for appearance

    It isn't mandatory for your presence for First Appeal. He should provide you the information asked by you . But if you want inspection of the documents, you can very well present yourself and ask for information you require. If you aren't attending, then also #FAA will provide you the information by post
  24. akshay6900


    RT @CPHydCity: https://t.co/UfFlBZehxw

  25. akshay6900


    @ThisIs_Sri @HYDTP @TSConsumers @hydcitypolice @CPHydCity File complaint with higher officials and if someone deman… https://t.co/z0p3Qovhg7

  26. akshay6900


    @ThisIs_Sri @HYDTP @TSConsumers @hydcitypolice Please note that you are not an consumer to Law Enforcement Agencies… https://t.co/OGGPrIqEIx

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