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  2. datchana.yhri


    Remembering and respecting to each and every Police officers who is working day and night for making us to feel saf… https://t.co/a8DKmbknFB

  3. Prasad GLN

    Central GoVt pension denied to employees

    Sir, it is not finding fault but continuing in one name brings reputation and recognition in the forum. Best of Luck
  4. Yesterday
  5. sidereal29

    Central GoVt pension denied to employees

    Sir, It's not purposely done I logged in through twitter ac and it happened mistakenly and unknowingly to me! Damodar Divkar
  6. Prasad GLN

    Sec 5(4) and fine

    RTI Act without any ambiguity stated that who ever assisted PIO is equally responsible for such incomplete and false reply. Though IC may penalize PIO, the authority in turn recovers such amounts from those who assisted him. Please do not worry penalizing any one PIO is a dream and that stipulation is just bring a sense of fear, and yet you have to see such policy of ICs to fine the PIOs who voluntarily, willfully, and most deliberatately deny information on such clause but was never fined.
  7. Prasad GLN

    Central GoVt pension denied to employees

    Why two names for one person ? You are a regular member and using RTI to the maximum extent and focusing only on Goa Shipping yard mostly and taking up many local issues from well, temple to roads. Be on your own and give reputation to your name. Be yourself.
  8. datchana.yhri


    Water is the key to food security. If current trends continue, the number of hungry people will reach 840 million b… https://t.co/u2h6Qw2L1S

  9. datchana.yhri


    @Sowmyareddyr @RahulGandhi Obviously, he always!

  10. vasanth_pondy

    Addendum to Second Appeal ....

    Thank you Sir .........
  11. datchana.yhri


    Better data = better Development.

    Connecting the world with data we can trust

    Timely, high-qualit… https://t.co/JlrwmnjBI7

  12. datchana.yhri


    Vote on the top challenges and purposes of education @NYCI4India @UNESCO has launched a global debate on the future… https://t.co/qvzau2DAs7

  13. Sundeep Nigam

    Sec 5(4) and fine

    If a PIO transfer a RTI to any staff of of our institution under sec 5(4) but the staff provide incomelete and false reply.In that case who will be fined PIO or that employee who gave that reply.
  14. Prasad GLN

    Expenditure on Security

    You can seek such information from IG of Police stating such year .But decide as to what is the purpose of such innformation (logical ending in such queries like Provide the information basing on which the PSO has been allotted , because to provide such reasons for entire state is very, very difficult. The procedure to avail paid PSO;s can be solicited in a separate RTI Application. The expenditure may be sought in second RTI Application. Information solicited: 1)Please provide me the list of persons to whom security was provided by Government of Tamil Nadu and such expend
  15. Prasad GLN


    File simple RTI Application seeking such information. Search for website of the Police dept., and follow prescribed format of application and pay the fees as prescribed. Subject on information sought: Complaint filed by..............................................on...................at........................PSreporting theft of revolved with magazine, cash and bike. Progress on investigation to claim insurance. Information solicited: 1.Please provide day to day steps taken for investigation and present status of such information. 2.Please provide the name of such i
  16. Prasad GLN

    How to get registration number if email is lost.

    Make another RTI application immediately as the cost is just Rs.10/- and invariably write the reason for filing second RTI on same issue.
  17. Prasad GLN

    Help for Drafting First Appeal

    Surprisingly this query missed attention. What is the present status as the reply is not satisfactory by CPIO.?
  18. Prasad GLN

    Addendum to Second Appeal ....

    There is no such format. You can send the document providing such file no given by CIC for your appeal. You can search and find out the number given. You may keep the title as follows: ADDENDUM dt............................ TO SECOND APPEAL ALREADY FILED ON...............................Against .....................................................(PIO-Public Authority).......................By............................................Appellant. Reasons for not submitting earlier: How this is relevant to the appeal grounds It is confirmed that the issue
  19. Prasad GLN

    Transferred RTI

    Yes. You have such responsibility of severance and it was discussed in Sec.6 sub section. If the other PIO belongs to same authority, the responsibility of collecting such information rests with the first PIO of public authority. First PIO should endorse that points to the other PIO of the same dept., and ask him to provide the information to first PIO and the first PIO can just enclose the information received from second PIO with his information. (This information belonging to several departments in same public authority is still in dispute and not settled. In case of Post off
  20. vasanth_pondy

    Addendum to Second Appeal ....

    I Filed Second appeal on August .. now i have additional documents to be added in my appeal ..... How to File an Addendum in Second appeal .....Is there any Format ??????
  21. Sundeep Nigam

    Transferred RTI

    If I receive a RTI transferred to me under sec6(3) and if some points in that RTI are related to some other PIO.Can retransfer those points under 6(3) or I should ask RTI seeker to directly contact that PIO
  22. Prasad GLN

    Central GoVt pension denied to employees

    There are well established and powerful unions affiliated to political parties and National presence. When there are agreements between such organizations that are takenover/merged/amalgamated, the workers as stake holders has their own say and every step is taken only with their consent. If there are disparities a member from Labour commissioner's office has the power to intervene and take up their cases. Now when the agreement was completed in 1999, it is difficult to find out such terms and conditions after 2020. You can file RTI Application to Momugao Port Trust and seek informati
  23. There was an employees of Mormugao Dock Labour Board including my father & has been retrenched from the services being surplus and after the 15years of service with compensation amount paid up to the ₹50,000/- in the year 1984, and also in the year 1985. MDLB merged in Mormugao Port Trust in the year 1999 and MPT paid the benefits of services to the dependent’s and pension scheme to the ex-employees Of MDLD only to the people those has been retrenched from the date 1/1/1985 and excluded the same benefits to the employees those has been retrenched in the year 1984. Sir, I request
  24. datchana.yhri


    > Women Want You To Be Their 💯 Trusted Friend
    > Women Want You To Treat Them With Respect.
    > Women Want You To Des… https://t.co/4J4KElttfX

  25. Last week
  26. datchana.yhri


    Masks should not be worn around your:

    Masks should cover your nose & mouth 😷

    More on h… https://t.co/HjrQP8ido2

  27. datchana.yhri


    Solidarity is the term which means a lot in the hard situation!Thanks @CMOTamilNadu for providing 10Crore INR for… https://t.co/QPeSDksnGJ

  28. Prasad GLN

    Help me build a Good defence for this second Appeal

    There are several CIC decisions/Judgments that clarified several times that the PIO must establish and justify as to how that information if provided impede the progress of investigation. Sans this essential justification of denial, the denial is deliberate and malafide. Search in blogs and decisions/judgment in the forum. If at all SPIO had such bonafide reasons that can convince IC, he may severe such points/queries and provide the other information and PIO can not deny information for all points.
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