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  2. Sunil Ahya

    Document verification

    Kindly politely inform the applicant, through a written communication, about the honest error. Also, please refer to section 21 of the RTI Act quoted below:
  3. nsyogita

    Document inspection

    What should be done when rti applicant does not come for document inspection Sent from my LND-AL30 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  4. Shrawan

    • Shrawan
    • omkarutture

    Welcome to RTI INDIA- Online RTI. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  5. HarryABC123

    About Debited money from bank account

    You can lodge your complain at toll free no and solve your problem Sent from my Redmi 5A using RTI INDIA mobile app
  6. Sir, please help me to know the correct procedure to be followed to check the authontecity and genuienity of education degree certificates. Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  7. Yesterday
  8. As an activist and responsible citizen of India. In my area the buildings are built upto 7 floors though cant find any in the area since decades. The corporator is charging 4.25 Crore for a single floor, no setback , cellar is given to shops as the whole construction is commercial.No parking in the area thus creating chaos and jams in the area. 3 constructions are undergoing in same area and complete illegal, police and departments are managed as it is none other than Owaisi . I don't know the precise rules of Building and Construction in Hyderabad Municipality but for sure instead of setback road is occupied and no parking as per the constructed area. Shall i file an written complaint as it is just a piece of tissue for municipality or Shall i file RTI asking permits people say to stay away as life threat is there . Risk is high my old RTI's risk wasn't that high. Experts please show me path. Scam worth 90 Crores .
  9. akshay6900

    Return of original certificates in betch college

    You are not required to pay the fees and they cant keep your certificates it is purely illegal. Approach the nearest Police Station and lodge an FIR u/s 420,383 and 384. https://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfnews/5437737_UGC-Notice-reg-Fees-refund-Eng.pdf
  10. akshay6900


    RT @HYDTP: #HYDTPallRequalB4Law Why not? All are equal b4 LAW. Whoever they may be e-challan hunts them. No one will b spared. Traffic Ru…

  11. Sir my bank account in Bank of Baroda my extra money was debited from my account for home insurance. So can i get information why this mistake happen and why not refund my money still. I have gave application for refund money. Sent from my iPhone using RTI INDIA mobile app
  12. Prasad GLN


    Please go through RTI Act and earlier CIC decisions, even if PIO has retired or transferred still CIC can take action, if IC feels. Also remember, that the right of the appellant is only for getting information alone, and taking action is the sole discretion of IC and such circumstances. When the right is on getting information, (the retired official cannot carry entire official record with him) and the record is always available with public authority. Do not worry about such usual things, as getting the hearing notice in two years is a good thing as several SICs may not be in a position to hear even after 5 years.
  13. Prasad GLN

    Cast certificate varifecation

    If you have followed laid down procedure and applied for caste, and if the certificate is given on facts stated by you through self-declaration, there is no need for you to get such revalidation. The bonafide certificate is valid for a lifetime (permanently). It cannot be canceled unless through the process of court or if obtained through fraud. But if the certificate is fake or forged, then it is a serious matter that attracts criminal action as forging/preparing fake Govt certificate is a serious offense. However, if the certificate has been obtained through backdoor believing some others, it is always proper to seek simple information. Search website of the authority that provided the certificate for a format of an application under RTI, apply for such information with prescribed fees. Enclose a copy of Certificate and seek information indirectly. Information solicited: 1. Please provide me a copy of the application filed basing on which the certificate enclosed was provided. As far as possible try for getting such information unofficially, as --if that certificate is fake, you will be giving them the opportunity of finding the fraud on your own and they are constrained to take action or atleast threaten you or blackmail or extort from you.
  14. The purpose of RTI is to seek information on material facts available as record. If both complaint and RTI application are filed, you will get information stating that your complaint is under consideration or investigation. If you file complaint first, wait for a month and then file RTI application then they have to certainly provide information on action taken after one month or two months (PIO can provide information within 30 days from RTI Application. That means one month after complaint plus one month during pendency of RTI Application) Provide the authorities enough time to consider the facts.
  15. Can we file RTI and a complaining letter to dcp at the same time Sent from my CPH1821 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  16. zakir hussain khan


    2 वर्ष के बाद मुख्य सूचना आयुक्त द्वारा मेरे आवेदन की सुनवाई की जा रही है जबकि मेरे द्वारा एक भ्रष्ट अधिकारी के विरुद्ध आवेदन दिया गया था परंतु संतोषजनक जवाब नहीं मिलने के कारण प्रथम अपील और दूसरी अपील की गई अब 2 वर्ष के पश्चात मेरे आवेदन की द्वितीय अपील की सुनवाई की जा रही है जबकि जिस अधिकारी के विरुद्ध सूचना के अधिकार अधिनियम के तहत आवेदन दिया था वह सक्षम अधिकारी 31 जनवरी 2019 को रिटायर हो रहा है और मेरे आवेदन पर 5 फरवरी 2019 में रखी गई है यदि आवेदन पर मुख्य सूचना आयुक्त द्वारा संतोषजनक जानकारी उपलब्ध कराई जाती है तो किस काम की है जिस अधिकारी के विरुद्ध जानकारी चाहिए थे वह रिटायर हो रहा है 2 वर्ष तक सूचना आयुक्त द्वारा सुनवाई नहीं की गई इससे मुझे भावनात्मक ठेस पहुंची है और मेरे भावनाओं को विराम कि आज क्या है Sent from my SM-G611FF using RTI INDIA mobile app
  17. But do post your success story here, so that others who face such problems may be guided by the path shown by you. Then, it brings a logical conclusion to the post, as you are practically dealing with the matter through swimming in such troubled water unlike us who stand on shore directing without knowing swimming practically.
  18. Ty sir for the reply..... Will do as u say..... Sent from my CPH1821 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  19. Sure thank you ! Sent from my Moto G (4) using RTI INDIA mobile app
  20. Shrawan

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    • pankajsheel

    Welcome to RTI INDIA- Online RTI. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  21. Sir I want to verify my cast certificate by rti .can I verify my cast certificate from tehsildar by rti. If yes please give me process to rti. Sent from my SM-J701F using RTI INDIA mobile app
  22. Shrawan

    • Shrawan
    • Shubhamgaur

    Welcome to RTI INDIA- Online RTI. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  23. You can seek authenticated information from University about TPA also and to pin them for the fraud. Information solicited: 1.Please provide if the marks have been shared with any outside agency and provide the copy of such verification application and reply provided, as my employer is having such confidential letter with false information provided by an agency. 2.If that information was provided, please provide the stipulation under which third party personal information violating exemption clauses of RTI as that information was shared with unconnected party though there is no larger public interest in sharing that information with an outside agency.
  24. Prasad GLN

    Verification of document

    I remember that you have posted this query earlier in following link and you have been asked to complain to Mangalore Port trust enclosing the copy of Tehasildar letter . Wait for a month and then file RTI Application to MPT seeking information on action taken against your complaint. You can after receiving MPT can also complain to Tehasildar against the employee that forged the document for securing employment.
  25. Prasad GLN

    Document verification

    Send the same copy once again and on the copy incorporate that there was a typographical error in mentioning year and the year in the letter above should be taken as 2019 and not as 2018 . Applicants are not mean and they can understand and do not raise such silly issues in first appeal. Even when raised, it only reflects their cheap attitude as their RTI application date states facts.
  26. nsyogita

    Document verification

    RtI applicant was absent for the document inspection and due to typing error the date conveyed to applicant was 2018 instead of 2019, what can be done in this case Sent from my LND-AL30 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  27. Shrawan

    • Shrawan
    • nsyogita

    Welcome to RTI INDIA- Online RTI. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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