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  2. Sundeep Nigam

    no of pages in RTI

    @Prasad GLN thanks for replying usually we get RTI such as " provide the copy of bills of all items purchased in particular 5 -10 years' these bill are sometimes in thousands.For BPL no amount can be charged , other are ready to pay.For us a lot of man hrs used
  3. Prasad GLN

    no of pages in RTI

    There is no such maximum stipulation in RTI Act. PIO has to inform the number of pages and calculation for the information solicited, (Normally Rs.2/- for A4 page) and on receipt of such demanded amount, irrespective of the volume such pages (Copies)are to be provided. Please be specific as a normal response may not be having more than 10 pages. Tender documents with such contract agreement papers are the only bulk load in general.
  4. Sundeep Nigam

    no of pages in RTI

    What are maximum no of pages can be provided in a RTI response
  5. This forum is dedicated for guiding citizens in seeking information from public authorities under RTI Act and no RTI Expert can convey his opinion or make this on line forum for discussion on miscellaneous topics, not connected to RTI. It is deemed that zones have advantages and disadvantages and Govt., introduces each and every step in recruitment after consulting and discussing with experts. Such experts take facts into consideration and recommend to the Recruitment boards and the board adopts such findings/recommendations. If you are not happy, you can file writ before High Court and challenge such measures that are not uniform or partisan.
  6. Prasad GLN

    RTI query

    One has to follow the laid down practices. At first place deny information stating that the information amounts to invasion on privacy of woman and exempted from disclosure under Sec.8 (1) (j), let him go for first appeal and second appeal. Stand on that point that the information certainly amounts to invasion on privacy. Let IC decide the issue. In case of appellants, if PIO wishes to permit inspection, PIO must also accept the authorisation given by such applicant. The register is a public record and it must be provided for inspection to any citizen as is where is basis if PIO wishes to provide the information.
  7. Dear Sir/madam, I would like to share my opinion, railway conducts examination centralised in india, but merit list is prepared railway zone wize. only single railway zone is chosen for candidate. due to this procedure i observed some candidate having lower marks is selected in particular railway zone but those candidate having higher marks is not selected in other railway zone. so my opinion is that a single merit list should be prepared according centralised examination, and choice option of all railway zone preferred should be filled by candidate. As per merit list, candidate should be selected. So I would like to know the suggestion from RTI expert. With regards, Rishipal Singh
  8. Is there any necessity to verify thumb impression of RTI seeker provided in RTI application before giving some very personal information which could hurt her privacy ?
  9. Sundeep Nigam

    RTI query

    @Prasad GLN thanks for enlightening about the nitty-gritty of RTI. Sir please guide me can we ask the lady to come herself in her first appeal.We are sure her son will come with authority letter having thumb impression of the lady. My second query is can we show them the regsiter which contain birth details of other patients who who delivered i those 4 years .
  10. Prasad GLN

    Explanation to certain terms

    Learn RTI yourself , commence from DOPT and seek information as follows: 1.Please provide me certified copies of orders/circulars/notifications that state of log books, data material definition. Any citizen can seek inform in the form of 1.Inspection of such records 2.Copies 3. Certified copies 4.In the form of information in the form of a letter.5.Electronic data ( compact disk) It is great that you are evincing more interest on rejection of information from BSNL and going through CIC website. Sure that you can become a perfect RTI Activist with few more attempts.
  11. I am new to RTI and I need some information on decoding some terms. On the CIC website I read the following. What type of information may be obtained under the RTI Act? The type of information which may be obtained is defined under section 2 (f) of the Act as any material in any form, including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, log books, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for the time being in force. What are log books, data material. And what models can be sought for under RTI.
  12. code88

    Help understanding the reply

    Now the thing is my RTI was as follows : (1) The complete list of all police transfer recommendations by any political person, such as MLA , MP , etc in Uttar Pradesh in the time period Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017. (2) The complete list of transfers executed on request of any political person, such as MLA, MP, etc in Uttar Pradesh in the time period Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31,2017. can anything be done?
  13. Last week
  14. Sunil Ahya

    Help understanding the reply

    Following is a rough translation of the PIO's reply: 1. In this particular case, please be aware that you have requested to provide information related to the transfer of all the policemen; In this connection, please be aware that the transfer of policemen is done from district / zone / other level and as such the information sought by you exists across the entire State of Uttar Pradesh 2. As per a particular Govt. circular, it is not compulsory for a PIO to collect information spread across the State and thus reconcile the information unavailable with his office and subsequently make it available, please be informed as above
  15. Sunil Ahya

    BSNL WEST BENGAL rti rejected

    Kindly file a first appeal on the basis of the CIC decision attached herewith this post. You will also get material to draft the grounds of your first appeal from this CIC decision.Fiduciary_FB-10022009-01.pdf
  16. Prasad GLN

    RTI query

    In Post No.2 I have tried to explain the obligation. Either provide information if not exempted or deny information stating such exemption and justification. This is the only obligation. Never use single extra word or comment against any applicants as that may satisfy your ego but never brings any added advantage. Be polite and ask him to come for inspection and check the facts. If I am in your position I will simply deny to provide the information stating that it is personal information of the mother 8 (1) (j) and I will ask him to provide the address of mother for having her comments and then deny information that there is no larger public interest involved. (Even when she is not living, according to me it is outraging modesty of a woman) This information is certainly an invasion on privacy of woman and more over the lady is a mother. RTI Act is not stipulating any reasons for seeking information. When the object of RTI Act is transparency and accountability, I fail to understand as to what is larger public interest in son knowing delivering of mother for 33 years in a hospital. Even when SPIO doubts that there is extortion or black mail element through that information, he can not deny on such suspicions.
  17. Sundeep Nigam

    providing personal information

    (1) Can appellant authorize some one to appear in on his behalf in first appeal.. (2) Are we suppose to verify thumb impression of RTI applicant in case of very personal information.If thumb impression is used in RTI . (3) If RTI applicant is uneducated and has used thumb impression in his application can send someone else in first appeal giving authority letter with thumb impression. (4) Can PIO call applicant to be present personally to collect information if information is very personal and disclosure may harm her if it fall in other hand.
  18. Sundeep Nigam

    demand of multiple pages in RTI

    Does RTI act permit to reply such request - (1) Please provide the photocopies of all the bills of goods/medicines purchased in hospital in last 5 yrs . we do have the copies of bills but no is in thousands ,what should be done in such cases ? if possible please provide reference .
  19. Sundeep Nigam

    RTI query

    @Prasad GLN thanks of replying sir if a son is asking how many deliveries his mother have , what were the time of delivery after 33 yrs this is not a normal thing , using RTI as a tool.
  20. I wanted the inspection report copy from RBI for the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 of Yes Bank. The reply was as follows: The requested information can not be disclosed at this stage in terms of Supreme Court Order dated December 18, 2019 in M.A. No. 2342/2019 in Transfer Case No. 91 of 2015 [RBI v. Jayantilal Mistry and Anr.] and Writ Petition (c) No. 1159 of 2019 [HDFC Bank and Others v. Union of India and Others]. Any suggestions?
  21. Prasad GLN

    Security related information

    Go for first appeal as stating total lumpsum expenditure of a particular Railway station is not exempted under Sec. 8 (1) (a) and Railways is not under defense ministry.
  22. I asked about year-wise security expenses for a particular railway station. And it was rejected saying: Security related information is exempted under section 8 (1) a of the RTI Act , 2005. What are your suggestions?
  23. Prasad GLN

    RTI query

    As a matter of fact SPIO is not supposed to go into purpose of the information and never record such opinions like "spying activity", "Thumb impression etc" If you have the information provide it if not exempted. If exempted, state such exemption in Sec.8 sub section 1..details and justify. In this case just ask them to provide precise date or details as it is a herculean task to search 1500 pages in a situation like KOVID. ASK him to come for inspection with such ID particulars and ask them to search the available records.
  24. Sundeep Nigam

    RTI query

    @Prasad GLN thanks sir for replying, let me elaborate RTI filed by a lady name mentioned in RTI , father name mentioned address mentioned , thumb impression of lady is there on RTI. Query is date and time of birth deliveries done by her between 1.1.87 to 31.12.90. Same RTI was first filed by other person claiming to be son of that lady wanted to know date and time of birth of delivered babies between these 4 yrs by his mother. Now he has used thumb impression ,& name of the lady .for knowing the details ..Our doubt is the 33 old old record may have some missed or destroyed pages duplication of same name and husband name and address . And searching 365 x 4 pages . RTI query should be specific not a spying activity to know the date and time of birth .
  25. Prasad GLN

    RTI query

    Though PIO is expected to search the record and provide details, it is the duty of applicant to provide precise details. Infact, there is no head or tail to the query. Who is the mother and what is her name ? Who is the applicant ? What details were given to PIO for providing that information. Simply reply as follows: REPLY: Please provide precise details of Name of mother, father, exact date of birth enabling us to provide the information, as it is not practically possible to find the solicited information without precise details.
  26. Sundeep Nigam

    RTI query

    One lady filed a RTI asking (1)" how many child she gave birth in our hospital between 1987 to 1990.(2)" what were the date and time of birth of those child.. . Does the RTI act enforce us to search a old record to prepare a RTI reply?
  27. Prasad GLN

    Information denied under Section-24(4)

    Go for second appeal to CIC after making changes (deleting some paras in First appeal). File another RTI Application seeking information from Supdt of Police seeking certified copy of police report. Issue a notice under CP Act to Passport officer demanding to inform the reasons for denial of such PP and copy of police report. If PPO fails file a consumer complaint in DIstrict forum for deficiency of services as you have paid consideration and have the right to know the what was reported against you. The costs may not be more than Rs.500/- if you appear as party in person..
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