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  2. Syed Khaja

    How To expose the PIO's lie

    Sir, can any PIO deny information saying like that this document isn't available in our office due to bribe, or any other reasons even if it's available in their office. if it happens then what should I have to do?
  3. Prasad GLN

    How to see driving licence

    The RTI App is related exclusively for the use of RTI India org and this forum is not connected to any Government or semi-government organizations. You can file RTI Application and can seek such information to concerned RTO as you will be having authentic record with you in the form of letter from RTO confirming the license. As there are many private agencies that can issue any state driving licenses, it is proper for the owners to collect such data confirmation from RTO itself.
  4. Prasad GLN

    Next step about the response of PIO

    That you have to verify in your State Information Commission website. There are no prescribed formats for appeals or fees in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh or in present AP.
  5. Prasad GLN

    Next step about the response of PIO

    Please do not trespass into a thread not connected with your issue as it is against the discipline of the forum and inconvenience to members. Go to nearest AADHAR center or post office or BSNL office and seek such information and they may charge you nominal amount and inform you such numbers. You can even file an application and get the same delinked. Do carry your original AADHAR for their verification. RTI is not necessary in your case.
  6. Golam sarwar alam

    Next step about the response of PIO

    Sir i want to know how many sim has been actived with my adhar card linked with Sent from my Redmi 6 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  7. Syed Khaja

    Next step about the response of PIO

    @Prasad GLN thanks for helping me. And is there any fee or format for appeals specied for Telangana state under RTI rules?
  8. Karunakara Reddy .p

    How to see driving licence

    How to check driving license in RTI app Sent from my MotoG3 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  9. Yesterday
  10. Prasad GLN

    First appeal related query

    When information is the focus, we should not be lenient in taking usual precautions. Send the first appeal by E-Mail and hard copy by speed post as service proof for the first appeal is mandatory.
  11. Prasad GLN

    Illegal parking charges in noida sector 144

    You can file an application as follows: Application dt.26th Apr, 2019 seeking information under RTI Act Before: Central Public Information Officer, Traffic Cell, NOIDA Fee: Postal order No...for Rs.10/- fvg Accounts officer, NOIDA payable at New Delhi. Applicant: Information solicited: 1.Please provide the copy of notification/orders/details of contract awarded for charges for parking of Cars/Bikes at Sez authority at.............................................................. (Copy of a photograph of exact location showing Parking Board enclosed) Applicant. Send application by local speed post to concerned CPIO of NOIDA and paste postal receipt on the copy of the application as these are required for the further appeal process.
  12. Wanted to check the authenticity of document which has forced all SEZ employees who commute by cars to pay rs 80 per day. 2 weeks back parking goons forced us not to park on the road and instead park in the parking space they constructed in agriculture land. When we called police then they police confirmed that there is no notification yet so you can park on road side. This week they put there a noida authority parking board and now charging 80 rs per day for cars 40rs per day for bikes. This document is approved by Noida authority traffic cell in charge pk garg. http://www.noidaauthorityonline.com/Selection_Parking.pdf Can you please help me to verify this document is a valid contract. Sent from my Redmi Note 5 Pro using RTI INDIA mobile app

    Cyber Security In 2019

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    Cyber Security In 2019

    mcafee.com/activate registered trademarks, company names, product names and brand names are the property of their respective owners, and mcafee.com/activate disclaims any ownership in such third-party marks. The use of any third party trademarks, logos, or brand names is for informational purposes only, and does not imply an endorsement by mfmcafee.com or vice versa or that such trademark owner has authorized mfmcafee.com to promote its products or services.
  15. neel_patel

    First appeal related query

    Can we file first appeal via email? Or is there any compulsion for send it via speed post or register ad? Sent from my Redmi 4 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  16. Prasad GLN

    Shall I have to attend hearing

    Regular members atleast, please use tab for thanks and do value space in the thread as thanks increase the no of posts and one has to waste time for such typing instead of pressing the tab. Just press the Heart tab and let thread remain as brief as possible.
  17. You can file RTI Application and seek such copy of GO from the authority that issued such GO. If you have a problem with your computer or internet, go to any nearest internet centers and download such GO. Members in the forum can only guide and they do not keep any data base or assist in such tasks other than RTI.
  18. These issues are within dept., and can be sorted out directly by speaking to concerned. You can take the guidance of your Association/Union or file RTI Application to DOPT. Do not enter into conflicts from the day one of stepping into your office and first find out the laid down rule. When the Government provides accommodation depending on prescribed class one has to follow the laid down norm. The situation with others may be different like medical facilities, education of children , aged parents and there may also be exemptions in rare cases, Just consider our other Defense employees working in several fronts thousands of kilo meters away in tents in sub-zero temperature.
  19. Prasad GLN

    Misleaded by court staff

    Even those who do not provide any information/help are our GURUS, as we learn to do it for ourselves.
  20. Prasad GLN

    Next step about the response of PIO

    Go for the first appeal to FAA. Read Sec.7 (1)in Telugu. The act stipulates rejection can be made only under reasons specified in Sec.8 or Sec.9. Sec.8 or Sec.9 never state that rejections can be made with such reasons as "the record has been searched but could not be traced" is a valid reason, every Public information officer can reject such application stating such invented reason for rejection. First Appal dt....under RTI Act Before: First Appellate Authority, State Archives and Research Institute, Telangana............. Against: State Public Information Officer, State Archives and Research Institute, Telangana.......... Appellant: Grounds for Appeal: SPIO has rejected the RTI application stating a reason unknown in RTI Act. Sec.7 (1) stipulates rejection can be made only under reasons specified in Sec.8 or Sec.9. SPIO has invented a reason for denial unknown in RTI Act. It appears that the concerned officer is not aware of fundamentals in RTI Act and DOPT prescribed a form of response/denial and SPIO failed to provide further appeal procedure as per Sec. 7 (8) SPIO is most irresponsible in his duties and acted negligently. PRAYER: Appellant prays for directions to SPIO for tracing the record and for providing it as expeditiously as possible without any fee. Appellant also prays for directions to PIO on Sec. 7 (8). Appellant. Encl PIO response xerox self-attested on back of this first appeal.
  21. Prasad GLN

    Can policy decision be questioned

    Air India is within the ambit of RTI Act and every public authority must provide any information which is available in material form physically in their record under RTI.
  22. Prasad GLN

    First appeal

    Registration number is mandatory. Insurance is not. As you have filed the second appeal, let Commission say it is confidential information not to be shared. Providing information prior to such visit may be confidential. But providing it after the trip becomes an entry in a register and must be provided.
  23. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Syed khaja from Osmanabad Maharashtra. this is the response of PIO. in this response he is saying that "the record has been searched but could not be traced" And I hope that this is the only public authority in india where I can get that record. So please help me in this regards.
  24. garg0505

    Whisteblower protecion act 2014 became law or not?

    @akshaysunail @akshaysunail Dear find the link http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/amendment-public-interest-disclosure-resolution-go#.XMGCjqRS-Uk
  25. rajthak

    RTI application 5 no.

    Thanks Sir Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  26. rajthak

    Shall I have to attend hearing

    Thanks Sir Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  27. Shree Vathsan

    First appeal

    Prasad Ji since no reply to my first appeal I have now filed Second Appeal. But I have doubt is the maintainence of patrol vehicles, is something that is given in confidence to the police ? That is the registration number, insurance ..etc are exempt for being a government vehicle?
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