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Income tax reunds



Thanks to RTI India .org

I had filed the Income tax refund 18 months before and I was following up with Income tax office But was in vain

I was searching the internet for the income tax. Then I came across this website

This website given me the complete procedure for RTI with formats of application


Surprisingly I got the refunds cheque withing 15 days after filing the RTI to Pune office


Now I want to have one more help i.e. I am getting excessive electricity bills . I have sent the application 4 months back to the office .And followed up several times . but of no use


Can somebody guide me on how to go about This???



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Tushar ji


RTI ke saath apki safalta par badhai.


You can file RTI application for this.


Your RTI application has to be as per the Maharashtra Govt. RTI rules and fees. Please see:


Maharashtra RTI rules:Mahrashtra RTI Rules - RTI Guide


Please see guide segment RTI Guide it has a lot of information about drafting a RTI application, fees, mode of payment, how to submit,how to locate PIO etc.


Your RTI Application needs to be addressed to the State Public Information Officer (SPIO or PIO).


For help in framming your RTI application please see:


Any thing pending with Govt. (by JPS 50 Sir): http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/jps50/69-any-thing-pending-govt.html


Possibly this info will be of good help to you

Revert back if you still have any doubts, members will definately help you out .


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