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Bills pending on 31st march...



Our office does not close the accounts on 31st march but processes them for about 15 days into april. During this period all the papers are dated march 31st and we see a lot of activity and financial irregularity. Bills are processed without due diligence and 25% of the yearly budget is spent during the last two weeks of march (actually march 15-april 15).


I want to ask a few questions in this matter and I need your help and comments.


Q1: Please let us know the total amount of bills passed during the month of march.


Q2: Please let us know the total number and values of all cheques dated march 31, 2013


Q3: Please let us know the total number and values of all cheques dated April 01-15, 2013


Q4: Please let us know the breakdown of the cheques written on 31st march and their dates of encashment


Q5: Please let us know the total number of bills and the amount not processed by march 31st but processed in the nest financial year with the approval of the competent authority and please provide a copy of the said approval.


Q6: Please let us know the total number and amount of bills passed during the last quarter (jan-mar, 2013)of the last financial year.


I want your suggestions.

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Dear Member


Please replace "let us know" by inform and also try to make it specific.


P1: Please inform the details of total amount of bills (related to xyz/details) passed in the month of march (year).




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Thanks. I shall mention the head of accounts. The problem with that is IF I MAKE A SMALL MISTAKE, THEY WILL SIMPLY REPLY THAT THERE IS NO SUCH HEAD OF ACCOUNT.


Also inform is causally related to the right to information!


Thanks for your suggestions. I shall send it off tomorrow.

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I was wondering about the following:



Possible reply:


The financial information is secret?


make a false claim that is impossible to verify or established


Just don't bother to reply.

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