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Ibps-under rti ambit????

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Will ibps comes under rti ambit..?

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Prasad GLN

Search their website and find as to whether they have disclosed such information in their portal, providing RTI information under voluntary disclosures and PIO / FAA.

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No they have not disclosed anything..there is even no proper e-mail or phone no for contacting ibps..and for every exam in their notification they say that no correspondance or communication will be entertained regarding the exam notification or doubts...

Its totally unfair..

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Matter of IBPS as being under RTI Act is reportedly stayed by Court. Hence as on today they are not covered. However you can get information by filing RTI with the public sector bank of which exam was conducted. Please refer:


Bank recruitment:

Rti for bank recruitments - Blogs - RTI INDIA- Right to Information



Details of Recruitment through RTI Act 2005 - Blogs - RTI INDIA- Right to Information

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