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Delay in medical reimbursement from ICICI LOMBARD, ttk





I want to know how can i use RTI to get the status of my case as to why the ttk,ICICI Lombard is taking so much time . I am waiting for medical reimbursement from them since past 3 months whereas they that their normal time is 7 days.

Every time i call at their call center they tell me that my case is under review by senior doctors and request me to call after two days. When i call at their office nobody except the receptionist is picking the call saying that she can not transfer call to any other person.




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ICICI Lombard is not a Public Authority as defined in the RTI Act. Therefore you cannot get any information from them under the RTI Act.


Have you tried the Insurance Ombudsman or the Insurance regulator.


Please visit http://www.bighelpers.org for further help.

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