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Dda housing 2008

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I would like to know how i can find out whether only the eligible persons name will appear in the list of allottees in the list of dda housing scheme 2008 which may come tomorrow. I believe most of them must have house in their name or in their relatives name which is a strong case for their denial but they will submit an affidative to dda stating that they dont possess any house in delhi region. Please help.

I want to file a rti question in that effect to record holding authority as well as dda but i sont know in what language. Hope u will guide me.

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    • sidmis
      By sidmis
      DDA, Delhi Police top list of RTI queries in capital
      AS reported in Economic Times, Jun, 2008, 1109 hrs IST, IANS
      NEW DELHI: People in the capital seem to be most unhappy with the ways
      of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and Delhi Police, if the
      number of applications made under the Right to Information (RTI) Act
      is any indication.
      According to figures compiled by Kabir, an NGO working on RTI, the
      capital's land management agency received 12,970 RTI applications from
      October 2005 to December 2007 and Delhi Police 12,229 during the same
      "We filed RTI applications in various departments of Delhi to
      understand the growth and trend of the RTI Act in the national capital
      since it was notified in 2005," Neeraj Kumar, who works with Kabir,
      "Delhi Police and DDA received maximum applications, which clearly
      implies that people face maximum problems at these places," he said.
      The other top government bodies in Delhi that received a large number
      of RTI applications are the education department (4,175), the food
      supplies and consumer affairs department (2,535), the Delhi Jal Board
      (1,698) and the office of the commissioner of industries (1,496).
      "The process of getting this data was not smooth at all. Several
      departments didn't give us any data and we have filed a first appeal.
      We are still pursuing those applications," Kumar added.
      As far as the lowest number of RTI applications is concerned, the chit
      fund department got only 13 applications. Other departments receiving
      fewer applications are planning (17), archaeology (25), Home Guards
      and civil defence (34) and public works department (57), the data
      According to the RTI Act, if an applicant does not get the required
      information, he or she can file a first appeal in the same department
      with a senior official. However, if he is not satisfied with that
      reply, he can file a second appeal at the Information Commission.
      In cases that needed first appeals, Delhi Police topped the list.
      "Delhi Police received the highest number of first appeals at 1,177
      followed by the education department (447), Delhi Jal Board (260), DDA
      (258), the department of training and technical education (251) and
      the transport department (122)," said Kumar.
      Delhi Police were again leading the list of cases where second appeals
      were filed.
      The number of second appeals filed against Delhi Police, DDA, the
      education department, the department of training and technical
      education, Delhi Jal Board and the food supplies and consumer affairs
      department are respectively 135, 81, 59, 45, 20 and 14.
      "We analysed the data and found that departments like Delhi Police,
      DDA, the education department and Jal Board are those where a common
      man in Delhi faces maximum problems," said Kumar.
      On data regarding RTI applications before the Municipal Corporation of
      Delhi, Kumar said: "We have received some data from MCD and a part is
      awaited. It is huge and will take a lot of time in compilation."
      DDA, Delhi Police top list of RTI queries in capital- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times
    • Anushka
      By Anushka
      Is it possible to ask for RTI query from DDA via email / by post ? If yes, how do I pay ?
      OR Do I have to visit DDA office personally to apply ?


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