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5 Women receive pension by simply attempting to File RTI's

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5 women receive pension by simply attempting to file RTI's


Ramkaran works with NGO in Tilona. He assisted 5 women in attempting to submit their Right to Information applications. The applications asked for information on their pending cases of old age pensions. As soon as 5 applications presented to the SDM, he directed the concerned officer to bring the filed related to five women to his office. The concerned officer stated that the applications were pending that the women had not submitted their birth certificates. The SDM instructed the officer to release their pensions & verify the birth dates from the patwari. the women was immediately given pension for the last 4 months. This entire incident took place without SDM accepting the RTI application.


--> source:TVchannel:Kannada.

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Good work Nethra. Continue your posts actively in the forum.

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Can you please continue posting such items.

They will not only encourage the many guests who visit this forum but also give "ideas" to many of us as to in what all areas can we use RTI to the citizens benefit. Some of the cases I have read are amazing and just go to show that we citizens can be very "innovative".

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:(:(:pI app reciate PUTTI's thread. I am happy to note that PIO has responded so quick and positively.He should be thanked if his address is known.I in contrast have received negative and unfavourable reply from one PIO stating that such information on self matters is 'PERSONEL' AND EXEMPT u/s 8(1)(j).i am making appeal on it.if this is the interpretation of this clause then RTI ACT will crumple. if anyone wants to read that order i shall email it.

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    • ssn
      By ssn
      We did it!! with the help of RTI, we have been able to get the photocopies of the entire documentation exchanged between our builder and the BMC. Till now we felt at the mercy of the builder and BMC ofcourse was a law unto itself - not now. we feel so much more empowered. Earlier applications for the same documents to the BMC in the past years drew a blank, but on the 2nd of April, exactly 2 mths to the date of application under RTI, 2005, we got what we wanted. May the Act live well and long into the future of our country. And all of you too!
    • ganpat1956
      By ganpat1956
      Posted by JEEVA in the Chennai Edition of The New Indian Express(Feb.28,2008)
      R L Saravanan (37), a resident of Pattabiram, is an RTI activist in the real sense of the word.
      An advocate at the Madras High Court, he has filed around 250 applications under the Right To Information (RTI) Act in various departments over the last nine months to spur officials into action. On an average, Saravanan filed at least one RTI application a day for both professional and social causes.
      His first RTI application was made for a ‘process report’ to the office of the tahsildar at Poonamallee to get a patta for his client since some of the employees had demanded a bribe to do so. The application made the officials panic and they issued the patta the same day.
      “I realised the power of the law only then. Now, submitting applications under the RTI Act has become a part of my routine. I used the law for several purposes like getting ration cards, passports, FIR copies and field maps,” Saravanan said.
      In fact, the lawyer discovered the illegal sale of land belonging to a client carried out 13 years ago. His RTI application for a copy of the sale document with the Revenue Department helped deliver justice for his client. Another case involved officials of the Revenue Department who demanded a bribe of Rs 3,000 to provide a copy of the field map of a plot of land. However, his RTI application set things right when officials personally handed over the map the next day.
      As a member of Thandurai-Pattabiram Consumer Council, Saravanan also filed many applications under the RTI Act with the municipalities of Ambattur and Avadi, inspected road works and examined official documents.
      “It takes me only half an hour every day and a court fee of Rs 10 for every application. We need not even do it in person since we can send the applications by post,” the lawyer pointed out. Though the RTI Act is primarily meant to obtain information from the government, the applications can help get some work done, in most cases. Since officials usually give vague replies, one must take utmost care while forming the questionnaire, he noted.
      “Almost 80 per cent of my RTI applications have been successful without filing an appeal,” Saravanan said. In fact, his familiarity with the RTI Act has turned this activist into a consultant since several people approach him for guidance on how to file such applications.
      However, his RTI activism has also made Saravanan vulnerable to threats from a range of officials, starting from councillors to MLAS and MPs to withdraw his applications.
      ( Incidentally, Shri Saravanan, is also an active member of our portal)


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