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Details of Husbands pension account deniable to wife

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In a recent decision, CIC has agreed with the PIO of a bank in denying the information related to pension account of the Husband.

This information was needed by the wife for a maintenance case.


Surprisingly, the order of the IC is a one line order:


Decision Notice

6. The Commission accepts the CPIO’s submission. The appeal is disposed of.



The full order is attached to this post.

Pension account details of husband denied to wife.pdf

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Prasad GLN

Is this not contrary to earlier decision, wherein wife was permitted information, had the bank followed third party clause. IS there no way, if a wife wants to know the pension (from treasury). There are hundred and one ways to get information, (remember recemt defense secrets through face book introductions) but why through these decisions CIC make people to go for corruption and they are aware that if wife wants she can get information afterwards even through court for authentication. (even if a peon in a bank can get information, but only thing is it can not be authentic unless it is sought from Court or Bank(

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This is contrary to earlier decisions as spouse not third party if marriage subsists.



Sent from RTI INDIA Mobile App

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    • humhongeykamyaab
      By humhongeykamyaab
      Need some clarity on how to draft the RTI for the information asked; Alternatively, please advice what other course of action to pursue?
      Case of Illegal Recovery of Pension by Public Sector Bank  (thereafter referred as PSB)
      1) The PSB, the pension disbursal bank mistakenly overpaid the pension to the pensioner for 10 years;
      2) No connivance or misrepresentation from the Pensioner; solely a mistake done by the Bank. 
      The over payment was detected via a CAG Audit, and the mistake of the bank as well was pointed out in the same audit
      3)Now the PSB has started recovering the Pension since last 3 years, illegally.
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      5)This recovery is illegal as per Apex Court judgement on Rafiq Masih's Case- 
      which states that no recovery can be done after 5 years of continual overpayment
      6) The Pensioner has been forced to go to the court to seek redressal. Case is stuck in the court for the last 3 years
      An RTI Was filed in May 2018/ Information sought and response received are as under:-
      Q-2) Provide the list of all officials and their designation who dealt with this pension matter during Dec 2006 to Dec 2007 at CPPC and PSB Branch
      Q-3) Name the officer who responsible for sanctioning the excess pension
      Q-5) Please provide number of cases in your bank wherein excess amount of pension is being recovered
      Response received (for all three questions, above) from CPIO: As informed by the Branch Manager of your branch : Information is not available
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      My Comment on Q-4:
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      Unfortunately I was not able to file the First Appeal to the above response.
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      A Supreme Court lawyer has moved the Central Information Commission seeking information on the procedure of the recruitment of class III and IV employees in the Delhi High Court after it was denied by its administration.
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      CIC moved on recruitment procedure of High Court .:. NewKerala.Com, India News Channel


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