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If NPA info is published in newspapers, it cannot be denied to RTI applicant

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CIC has held that if a Bank publishes info related to NPAs, then it must provide the same to the RTI applicant:




11. In the instant case admittedly there is a provision in the rules of the bank to publish certain NPA details in newspapers and, therefore, the information which is already published in the newspaper can be shared by the CPIO with the appellant.


Decision Notice


12. In view of the larger public interest involved in the matter as the volumes of NPAs are huge amounting to over two lac crore in case of nationalized and public sector banks alone (source, Deportment of Banking Supervision, RBI) as on 31.3.1013, the CPIO is directed to allow inspection of record with reference to point 1(b) of the RTI request only for accounts where action under SARFAESI Act is being taken, severing any confidential information at a mutually convenient date and time and give the details regarding news papers with dates on which the details of 111 NPA cases were published, within three weeks of the receipt of the order of the Commission The CPIO‘s decision is upheld with respect to the other points of the RTI application.


The full order is attached to this post.

NPA details.pdf

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