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akhilesh yadav

Haryana: No revenue stamps at city post offices

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akhilesh yadav

Residents say that in order to buy a Re 1 stamp they have to shell out much more money just to reach the mini secretariat. "It is mandated by law to affix a revenue stamp for every cash transaction that is over Rs 5,000. There are about 36 post offices in Gurgaon but none of them sell revenue stamp which causes lot of inconvenience to the general public as they have to travel a long distance to get the stamp," said Aseem Takyar, who filed a Right To Information application on the issue.



He said the issue could be resolved if the state government wanted to. "All it needs to do is agree to pay the commission sought by the postal department like every other state in the country that has agreed to do so," Takyar said.



"I filed the RTI in the postal department in Delhi and they in turn forwarded it to several postal offices in the country. Recently, I received over 500 replies from different post offices and all of them maintained that they received 10% commission from their respective state government for every revenue stamp sold," he said.



Read at: No revenue stamps at city post offices - The Times of India

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