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akhilesh yadav

New Delhi: Since 1990, govt has spent Rs 55 crore on MPs' transit stay

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akhilesh yadav

NEW DELHI: Government has released about Rs 35.75 crores on the transit accommodation of Members of Parliament between 1990-91 and 2013-14. Sources said the outstanding bill from ITDC-run hotels and state guest houses would be another Rs 20-25 crore.


In an RTI response to Delhi resident Ved Pal, the urban development ministry has said, "No separate data of expenditure on transit accommodation after even general election is maintained." However, it maintains the details of expenditure incurred during each financial year and the year-wise details were shared in the RTI reply. "While the bill on account of such transit accommodation is raised within a year of any general election, we release the payment when we have the budget. So, the outstanding amount is increasing," said a government official.



Read at: Since 1990, govt has spent Rs 55 crore on MPs' transit stay - The Times of India

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