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[RTI Case Law] Private Hospitals to give records of Patient on day-to-day basis

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This article has been posted at our #LawSegment . To read the full article follow this link: Private Hospitals to give records of Patient on day-to-day basis and to subscribe to our daily mailer follow this link Join our free Right to Information Newsletter.


Central Information Commission had recommended to force*Private Hospitals to give records of Patient on day-to-day basis*because this daily disclosure will prevent undesirable practices of altering records after damage caused to patient. Forcing the private hospitals to provide daily*wise medical records…Read more ›


The law segment is available here RTI INDIA - Invoking Your Rights



Read the complete article here...

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harinder dhingra

A very good judgment of Hon'ble CIC and let us hope that it sustains in Hon'ble HC & SC also.



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Thanks. This is really a good decision. Thanks very much to hon'ble CIC.

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      By RAVEENA_O
      DoPT issued clarifications, revisiting its previous instructions on uploading RTI Applications, Appeals and decisions on official website of public authorities vide its OM No. 1/1/2013/IR dated 07/10/2016. DoPT Clarified that the personal details of RTI applicant/appellant should not be disclosed as they do not serve any public interest. It is further clarified that the personal details would include name, designation, address,e-mail id and telephone no. including mobile no. of the applicant.
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    • ganpat1956
      By ganpat1956
      Fatehabad, December 5
      Owing to the indifferent attitude of the authorities, the ultrasound machine installed at the local General Hospital has been non-functional for the past 34 months and no effort is being made to get it repaired.
      The issue came to light when a local resident, Mr Manoj Kumar Aggarwal, sought information regarding the machine from the hospital under the Right to Information Act. The information provided by the authorities points towards the lackadaisical attitude of the hospital authorities.
      Mr Aggarwal, who has been taking cudgels against the high-handed and indifferent attitude of the authorities toward the general public in the past too, sought information from the hospital authorities regarding the ultrasound machine.
      The information provided by the authorities revealed that the ultrasound machine was installed in the hospital on September 28, 1999, and had not been in working condition since February 27, 2004.
      The information provided by the hospital authorities revealed that even during the period when the ultrasound machine was in working condition, there was no radiologist in the hospital and the one deputed from the General Hospital Hisar conducted the tests. The information revealed that earlier the hospital authorities had a contract with M/s Philips Medical Systems India Limited for the repair of this machine, but now there was no contract with any firm. To a question whether any request had been made to the company for the repair of the machine, the hospital replied that a request was made on November 29.
      Interestingly, Mr Aggarwal had given his application under the Right to Information Act on November 29. He was provided with the requisite information on December 4.
      {Source: "The Tribune", Dec.06,2006, Chandigarh}


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