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noise pollution




we are facing with noise pollution problem in our locality their is a illegal silver worque making shops this people make very loude sound from to late in the night this sound is very unbearable , i hape comlaint in all department but no one is taking action against this people, now what should i do?

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Welcome to RTI INDIA PORTAL. Thank you for choosing RTI INDIA PORTAL.


Please click the following link and read through the topics:


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Please do not post in to multiple forums or start multiple threads. You need to study links on home page of this website and then start drafting RTI for common problem of specific issues etc. You can post draft RTI application on this portal so that our members can refine it. Thus you will be having working knowledge of RTI over a period of time. Please also visit this website often and peruse queries and replies by our members, which will make you comfortable with RTI.


Dear Member, in addition,


If you are interested in reading the whole RTI Act please go to the following link:


Right to Information Act 2005 [RTI Wiki]


To explore about RTI kindly refer following links


(A) Download RTI Forms

(B) How to Become RTI Activist

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(D) Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees

(E) Case laws of RTI


With Regards & Best Wishes.

Manoj B.Patel

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    • karira
      By karira
      Vehicles of Punjab MLA's san pollution certificates
      NAWANSHEHAR: The elected repersentatives of people who sit in Punjab Vidhan Sabha to draft rules for citizens, themselves violate the laws as far as obtaining pollution certificates for vehicles allotted to them is concerned.
      According to the Nawanshahr-based organisation, Human Empowerment League of Punjab (HELP), the answer is perhaps a big "no". None of the 185 vehicles of Punjab Vidhan Sabha had pollution certificates as on August 20 this year.
      Under the RTI Act, the HELP had sought information regarding insurance and pollution certificates of these vehicles. These certificates should have been valid on August 7, 2007, the date on which HELP had sought this information from the State Transport Department. Interestingly, according to HELP activists Gurvir Singh, Deepak Bali and Parvinder Singh Kittna their endeavour to seek these certificates forced the state transport authorities not only to ask the drivers of these vehicles to procure and submit the pollution certificates but also resulted in asking the accounts department to withheld the salaries of the drivers who fail to comply with the orders.
      As per the observations of the HELP activists, the senior officials of the government also appear to be least bothered about these concerns. "Not only this, even after a notice by the State Information Commission, Punjab, the state Transport Department was able to provide copies of pollution certificates of only 58 vehicles. There is no information about the pollution status of the remaining 127 vehicles," maintains Kittna who reveals that 57 of these 58 certificates were issued after August 20, 2007. The pollution certificate of the vehicle PB-12E-1045 had expired on January 19 this year. Regarding insurance of government vehicles, as per Kittna, the transport department maintains that the same has been waived off under Section 146 of Motors Vehicles Act, 1988.
      PunjabNewsline.com - Vehicles of Punjab MLA's san pollution certificates
    • india_first
      By india_first
      Hi fellow Indians,

      I live in Ulhasnagar City which falls under Thane District, Maharashtra.

      Our city relies heavily on Auto-Rickshaws for commuting to the various parts of the city.

      As a result there has been a huge surge in the number of Auto-Rickshaws in Ulhasnagar.

      We in Ulhasnagar are now faced with a huge problem of traffic across the city and most importantly THE ADDED AMOUNT OF SMOKE EMITED BY THESE AUTO-RICKSHAWS.

      I myself have an "Honda Activa" and while driving it across the city, I have been noticing since last few months that almost all of the Auto-Rickshaws in our city emit smoke (Dark Black or Grey in Colour) in excess of statutory limits which is very harmful to the health of people driving behind the auto-rickshaw and most importantly it causes heavy air pollution in an already congested city.

      One need not be a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that these auto-rickshaws have been flouting the PUC norms since years in our city. Now I want to use RTI to get information from the Regional Transport Office incharge of looking after pollution control.

      I have certain queries regarding the same, it would be very kind if you people can help me out:

      Q1) I have been told that Maharashtra Govt. has enacted a special format for submitting an RTI Application in Maharashtra, so if anyone has it kindly let me know.

      Q2) I am not sure to whom should I address (Which PIO?) the RTI Application and where should i submit it (Which RTO office?)

      Q3) I have drafted some questions, help me ask more of them

      - What are the registered number of auto-rickshaws in Ulhasnagar as of 1st January, 2008?

      - How many police constables have been assigned the duty of handling and monitoring road traffic in Ulhasnagar?

      - How many auto-rickshaws have been found violating the Pollution Under Control (PUC) norms in the year 2007-08?

      - What action has been taken against these auto-rickshaws not complying the Pollution Under Control (PUC) norms?

      - What is the amount of fine collected from these auto-rickshaws for violating Pollution Under Control (PUC) norms?

      - What steps are being taken by the Regional Transport Office to prevent violation of Pollution Under Control (PUC) Norms by auto-rickshaws in Ulhasnagar?


      Many more questions can be asked from the RTO regarding the said matter.

      I humbly request all of you to suggest other questions as you may deem fit and also suggest rectifications, if any, for the questions I have laid down above.

      hoping for favorable reply.



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