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CIC on lost of records : FIR will not serve any purpose. The authority should come up with policy an

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The Orders of the CIC are as under :


The Commission observes that this is a case where file required was either not maintained or lost. The Commission felt that when the respondent authority lost certain records, filing of FIR will not serve any purpose. The authority should come up with policy and action in alternative. The Commission directs the respondent authority to report the same within one month from the date of receipt of this order.

The appellant wanted to know the reasons why the file is not traceable. Thus Commission directs the respondent authority to furnish the reason, circumstances behind absence of file and also explain efforts to find same within 15 days from the date of receipt of order.


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      By mushtak
      thanks. There are 40 orndanance factories under, Ordanance factroy board kolkatta.Min of defence (Production).Useually Non gazetted officers and group B gazetted officers are being tranfered within these factory.Up till now the transfers of these categories were on promotion basis And one use to enjoy the right to forgo the promotion if it is uncomfortable to any body to go on transfer. But now the OFB has changed the policy it seems. Now the OFB is useually promoting these cadre in same station. And after convinent time the tranfer list is ordered in existing grades. As such it seems there is no policy or criteria of transfers. there is lot of partiality and irregularities are observed while making these transfers. Some employees are enjoying soft stations more than 3o-35 years. and probably entire there service. And some of them are facing frequent transfers even they are worked in hard stations.Even transfer orders are published.some people manages cancel or postpone them forever by influencing the higher officers.And in this process inocents who had no influence are getting victimies even they have got valid reasons and excuses.I feel it is the same situation of tranfer policy in maharashtra state.for which Honorable Mr. Anna Hazare fought with govt. As there were frouduent behavier from State government official including courruption.The demand for Right to Information Act was uphelded by many people from such episodes.The same situation is developed in central govt organistion. like OFB .If some body wants to know the position of these tranfere orders being excuted factory wise by useing RTI what is the way to get informations. Now for example in some of the factories The employees under transfers have managed to cancel there orders by the way of useing ifluences or manages to postpone the orders years together in the name of Exigency of service. I request the members to understand this issue though i have explained it crudely. And guide me to get information from GMs of Three ordance factories situated in pune and tell me how to proceed. I am Victim of such situaton and When I was tranfered The situation was made such thatwhich enforced me to put up VR. and I am retired person now. thanks you. Hope to receive favourable guidance please.
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      HI everbody,

      I just read in HT that Mrs. Rupam Bajaj , Panjab Information Commissoner denied information or better say disposed off petition with a plea " Information Commission with in its jurisdiction can see what LETTER AND SPIIRIT OF ACT DEMANDS " . And further she goes on to say it is not the intent of act to supply information for research purposes and roving & fishing inquiries. Petitioner actually asked for data of nine years of Distt. Red Cross Society , Patiala to study trends and practices of Red Cross Society. He got similar data from DIET , Distt. institute of Elementary Training , Nabha (Panjab) . I GUESS It does not fall in ambit of SIC or CIC to deny something vehemently on the pretext of anything whatsoever. Act nowhere gives such discretion to any RTI implementor.



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