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Rti to police station




i have applied RTI application regarding C.C.T.V footage inside the police station

where i was beaten by my step mother

but police is not ready to give C.C.T.V footage even after 3 months what should i do? i have complaint regarding this to all possible high rank police officer of city. no one is helping me

now where should i complaint about htis

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you are already miss period of file appeal to FAA NOW fresh filed RTI and filed appeal in time limite thane after no response file in state information commission and read carefully rti act

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Welcome to RTI INDIA PORTAL. Thank you for choosing RTI INDIA PORTAL.


Please click the following link and read through the topics:


RTI Information


Please do not post in to multiple forums or start multiple threads. You need to study links on home page of this website and then start drafting RTI for common problem of specific issues etc. You can post draft RTI application on this portal so that our members can refine it. Thus you will be having working knowledge of RTI over a period of time. Please also visit this website often and peruse queries and replies by our members, which will make you comfortable with RTI.


Dear Member, in addition,


If you are interested in reading the whole RTI Act please go to the following link:


Right to Information Act 2005 [RTI Wiki]


To explore about RTI kindly refer following links


(A) Download RTI Forms

(B) How to Become RTI Activist

© How to file RTI Online

(D) Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees

(E) Case laws of RTI


With Regards & Best Wishes.

Manoj B.Patel

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[] File Complaint before the SIC immediately with prayer to impose penalty on PIO

[2] File first appeal before the FAA immediately and thereafter if his decision is not fair, please file Second Appeal before the Information Commissioner.

[3] After that, you can also take up the issue with Head High Courts.

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Prasad GLN

Also file RTI Application and seek information as to subject CCTV footage has been preserved as the matter is still not decided under RTI" and also request them to preserve the footage as a complaint against non providing of that CCTV footage is to be decided by SIC.

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Sunil Ahya

> RTI is a time bound process and therefore you should have filed a First Appeal:

If the PIO has
not replied at all
- within 60 days of the receipt of your RTI application by the PIO's Office.


If the PIO
has replied but you are not satisfied
- within 30 days of the receipt of reply by you from the PIO.



> It seems you have missed out on that time limit, and therefore you can now do three things:

1. Immediately file a First Appeal with the concerned First Appellate Authority and seek condonation of delay.


2. At the same time file a Complaint under section 18(1) with the concerned State Information Commission (there is no time limit for filing a complaint).


3. Also, file the same RTI application afresh (once again) and this time around, adhere to the time limits for moving forward with appeals in case you do not get the required information.


> Also, please read:

RTI Act offers three levels to obtain a required information.

Flow of a RTI application, once having been filed.

Time limits under which I will get the information.

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