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akhilesh yadav

Odisha: 17 years on, over 400 complaints filed, yet Prabir denied his due share of pension

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akhilesh yadav

Prabir says, "For 10 years after retirement I received a provisional pension of Rs 735 per month but since July 2007, the provisional pension has also been stopped. I appealed for help with the Director of Health, Chief Secretary, the Chief District Medical Officer, Pension Secretary and others. Yet there was no change in the scene and hence I filed an RTI to know all details." He adds, "With the help of RTI he came to know that the provisional pension drawn in his name was also faulty. While the department withdrew a sum of Rs 1,200 as provisional pension on my head I only received Rs 735. On questioning the same, I was asked to accept whatever is being given or else the sum would be deposited in the treasury account.”Read at: 17 years on, over 400 complaints filed, yet Prabir denied his due share of pension

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