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N S Gandhi Prasad

Delay in making corrections in fixing Pension


N S Gandhi Prasad


I retired as Associate Professor from Dr PDKV Akola. ( Agricultural University Maharashtra ) After implementation of VI pay Scales, my pension was revised. But during this process they have not taken Govt Gr into consideration and took 33 years of service as requirement for 100 percent Pension ( i.e. 50% of the Total emoluments ) But as per GR No PEN 1009/C.R. 33/SER-4 Mantralaya Mumbai 400 032 dated 22nd June 2009 of Govt of Maharshtra only 20 years of service is required fro 100 % pension. I have completed only 30 years of service and University granted only 90% of the pension instead of 100 %.


Further the same GR clearly states that the emoluments should be taken as (1) Average Pay of 10 months or (2) Emoluments drawn in the month of retirement which ever is beneficial to the employee. In my case they considered 4 moths of pay in unrevised scale and Six moths pay in the revised scale. The average of these 10 months is much smaller than what I have drawn in the month of retirement. i.e. June 2006.


University is not responding to my request for re revision of my pension. I am now 68 years old. How I can get the my grievance attended? I avoid court procedures because of their time consuming and expensive nature. Please advise me suitably so that some benefits I can realize during my life time.


Thanks in Advance to every one

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This is not the first case of PKV wherein pension fixation is incorrect. Please file a detailed and well drafted representation before the Chancellor attaching relevant documents. In the case of another retired Professor, PKV is yet to take a decision to fix pension properly. PKV will not settle the issue easily. You have to knock the doors of judiciary for justice.

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Dear member, best and short way is to file a representation to the authority and wait for response. If they do not respond positive without delay file a W.P. in hon'ble high court. It will take maximum 3,4 months time but you will get justice.

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Since the University and College Tribunals are being constituted, it would be better to get advice of your Counsel / Lawyer with regard to filing of judicial proceedings.

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Thread moved to "Non RTI issues" section.

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      Need some clarity on how to draft the RTI for the information asked; Alternatively, please advice what other course of action to pursue?
      Case of Illegal Recovery of Pension by Public Sector Bank  (thereafter referred as PSB)
      1) The PSB, the pension disbursal bank mistakenly overpaid the pension to the pensioner for 10 years;
      2) No connivance or misrepresentation from the Pensioner; solely a mistake done by the Bank. 
      The over payment was detected via a CAG Audit, and the mistake of the bank as well was pointed out in the same audit
      3)Now the PSB has started recovering the Pension since last 3 years, illegally.
      4)No recovery order or show cause notice has been ever issued to the Pensioner by the bank or any competent authority
      5)This recovery is illegal as per Apex Court judgement on Rafiq Masih's Case- 
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      6) The Pensioner has been forced to go to the court to seek redressal. Case is stuck in the court for the last 3 years
      An RTI Was filed in May 2018/ Information sought and response received are as under:-
      Q-2) Provide the list of all officials and their designation who dealt with this pension matter during Dec 2006 to Dec 2007 at CPPC and PSB Branch
      Q-3) Name the officer who responsible for sanctioning the excess pension
      Q-5) Please provide number of cases in your bank wherein excess amount of pension is being recovered
      Response received (for all three questions, above) from CPIO: As informed by the Branch Manager of your branch : Information is not available
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                           to recover the amount of 10 Lakhs which is over paid since  1. 1. 2007. As such bank is recovering now and refunding the authority.
      My Comment on Q-4:
      It doesn't give the name of the officer who is recovering excess. Plus: The Audit Memo from CAG does not talk about recovery at- all. This has also
      been mentioned in the affidavit by the pension sanctioning authority in the court where it states that CAG has not issued any order of recovery. So this response is misleading.
      Unfortunately I was not able to file the First Appeal to the above response.
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      NEW DELHI: The beaming face of Laxmi Devi says it all. The 80-year-old has finally got her pension after she'd almost given up hope, thanks to the Right To Information Act.
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      Source: Citizen uses RTI to get elusive pension -India-NEWS-The Times of India


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