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Visa Requirement for Queen of England



Hi All,


I want to submit an RTI in order to know whether the Queen of England and her immediate family members need any visa when they visit India.




Central Public Information Officer


Room No. 29 CPV Division,

Ministry of External Affairs,

Patiala House, New Delhi - 110001.


Subject: Application for seeking information under RTI Act, 2005


Dear Sir,

Under the provisions of RTI act 2005, please provide the following information:


1. Whether the Queen of England needs any visa in order to visit India for any OFFICIAL work ?


2. Whether the Queen of England needs any visa in order to visit India for any PERSONAL Work ?


3. Whether the immediate family members of Queen of England need any visa in order to visit India for any OFFICIAL or PERSONAL work ?


4. Whether the President of United States needs any visa in order to visit India for any OFFICIAL work ?


5. Kindly provide me information about latest act, rules, and regulations which governs the visa requirement of Queen of England and her immediate family members for visiting India for official or personal work.



Name of applicant: SANDIP BHATTACHARYA


Information Required by: Post


I hereby declare and confirm that I am an Indian citizen and as such I am entitled to seek information under RTI Act, 2005. I have attached copy of my PAN card in support of my citizenship.



Please find the following attachment:

1. - Rs.10 IPO for the RTI application.

3. Self-attested Xerox Copy of my Pan Card




Place: Kolkata Signature of applicant



Date: 07-May-2015 Address:

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Dear member,


Point No. 5 is correct. For point 1,2,3 and 4;


You should not ask such questions to PIO eliciting answers. Your right is only to seek and obtain information held by and under the control of the Public Authority in material form. If you put queries before the PIO eliciting answers, PIO may reply that the applicant has not sought any material information held by the public authority. These are to be decided on merit by appropriate authority of each Public Authority. Instead of asking question : "Who is the Collector of Kanpur?" , seek information like this - Please inform me the name of present District Collector, Kanpur.


In short, you must not ask questions, but seek information held by and under the control of the public authority.

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Hi Manoj,


Thanks for the post.


If I ask : "Please inform me whether Queen of England need any visa to visit India" - can they reject this saying that I am asking for answers instead of information. Can you help me to frame the language ?

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Yes, PIO is not under obligation to reply your query/question. You may write: kindly provide me information about Rules, Regulations, provisions of law which indicate about need of visa for queen of England to visit India.

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Thanks! Should I also mention "official visit" and "personal visit" separately ? Because visa requirement may be different in different cases.

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Viisa means Visa, it may be for diplomatic purpose or may be for private/personal visit. You may mention it separately also.

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Can you please explain what is the point of getting such information ?


Why do you need this information ?

What will you do with the information, once you get it ?





Here is the answer to your queries, even though I am not the CPIO of the MEA:


Heads of state and their entourages must have valid passports and the appropriate visas, if visas are required under reciprocal rules. Typically, however, all the passports are held by a staff member, and immigration and customs clearance is done behind the scenes: that is, the staff member, an embassy employee, and members of the local immigration/ customs staff liaise and stamp all the passports at once while the VIPs are shaking hands and making little speeches. Sometimes this is done on the plane before everybody disembarks, but usually it is handled at the same time that the luggage is being sorted out, out of range of the TV cameras. It cannot be done in advance of travel - especially since the membership of entourages change often, until the plane door is closed.

Once all the passports are stamped, the staffie catches up with the VIPs. But he will usually not give individuals their own passports - too many get lost that way.




Since I saved you nearly Rs. 45 and a lot of effort, please donate that amount to your favourite charity - but in my name.

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