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Salman's hit and run case papers lost in fire -RTI

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    • CineElite
      By CineElite
      My friend's younger brother and his friends had been arrested three months ago and all have been booked under section 420 & 468.
      There was this cheating mentioned by police of Rs Three Lakhs. The police arrested them all and recovered the whole amount at the time of arrest.
      Till date, my lawyer has not shown me a single legal paper regarding the case despite my repeated requests. They have been granted bail, but asked to deposit title deed as security.
      My questions are..
      1. How can I obtain complete case papers from the court?
      2. Under what conditions can the court ask property title deeds to be deposited as security? Even after the cheated money is recovered?
      I fear the incharge officer with the help of my appointed lawyer have not disclosed it to court about the recovery of money. I am in a different state (not Maharashtra).. The language is different here..
      Please please help..
    • checha4
      By checha4
      Can anyone tell what are the rules for SSC teachers for SSC paper corrections? How does a the maharashtra board appoint teachers for correcting the papers? Is it compulsary for a teacher to correct the papers even the teacher is employed in a private school?


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