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sham dhanda

regarding "Inspection of Record


sham dhanda


sir is there any fees for video or photo graphy for "Inspection of Record & when PIO gave us certified copies of slected pages on the spot of inspection or later

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Dear member,

You can file application seeking inspection in the beginning itself as RTI Application. Inspection is one form of providing information, and an applicant has a right to seek certified copies of those documents selected by him during inspection.

Please read blog on Inspection for more details.






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Prasad GLN

Except RTI fee prescribed for application, and for obtaining certified copies at Rs.2/- per page, RTI Act never stipulated any fee .

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So far Gujarat is concerned fee for inspection is;

Further Fees (Sec 7(1), 7(3), 7(5))

(I) Information / documents to be provided where a separate

system or procedure or fees I charges for providing copy

does not exist in a Public Authority

(a) A4, A3 size paper -Rs.2/-per page

(b) Larger size paper -Amount of actual cost.


(2) For inspection of records where a separate system or

procedure or fees / charges does not exist in a Public


(a) No fees for the first half an hour.

(b) Rs.20/-for each half an hour thereafter.


(3) An amount of actual cost for providing sample, model or

photograph where a separate system or procedure or

fees / charges does not exist in a Public Authority.


(4) Rs.50/-per floppy or disc for information to be furnished in

a floppy or a disc, wherever possible.

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Sunil Ahya

Please find a Draft RTI for the said purpose, given below -


Description of Information Required:


Kindly provide a certified photocopy of following information:


(i) In-accordance with the provision of section 2(j)(i) of the RTI Act, kindly provide me with an inspection of all the documents pertaining to the XXXXX.


Please note that, during the process of aforesaid inspection, I shall select the required information, kindly do provide me with a certified photocopy of such selected information on payment of the prescribed fee.


Furthermore, with a specific reference to the provision of section 2(j)(iv), I may please be facilitated to inspect the documents and obtain the record vide a photograph produced by my digital camera (or any other like device,) wherever I find it expedient to take photocopies of the inspected information in the said form.


Kindly refer to the following persuasive precedents whereby photography has been approved as a valid method of producing photocopies for obtaining information under the RTI Act, 2005:



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