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Deepak Dipak

RTI to commercial tax department


Deepak Dipak

RTI on commercial tax department of HYD for .

Back ground - to get the balance sheet , and confirmation of stocks on hand of this Org , as they have taken 3900 crores of bank loan and has been defaulting since 2012 , but banker has still not declared this Org as NPA?



Copy of below mentioned records as recorded against xMC Systems Ltd having PAN:-mmmmmm TIN:- kkkkkkk3 having factory at plot no....................., RR District 500009 ,


Information Sought under the RTI Act 2005:


· Details of turnover as recorded in your office for 2012-13.

· Copy of Audit visit report on Form VAT 301A/B .For FY 2012-13

· Copy of filled Form VAT 300. For FY 2012-13

· Copy of filled Form VAT 305A or assessment on Form VAT 305 or Form VAT 301.

· Copy of filled VAT 311 (Audit reference form). For FY 2012-13

· Completed Form VAT 312 if issued . For FY 2012-13

· Update and filled Forms VAT 311 ,VAT 307 ,VAT 308. For FY 2012-13 .


I have applied this RTI to get some connecting data for a bigger scoop , CT is trying to turn the request using rule 11(1)and requested the establishment for written clearance to release this details


Applied on 16-12-2014

Reminder mail in April

Application moved from CT central to Saroornagar on May 4th 2015

Application moved from Saroor nagar to Nacharam on May 16th 2015

CT is trying to turn the request using rule 11(1)and requested the establishment for written clearance to release this details on May 27th

Thsi was a colluded effort by CT and management to release this letter.


Any advise how should i proceed

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Hi Deepak Dipak and welcome to RTI INDIA- Right to Information! This is an introductory reply and members of our forum shall reply to your specific query shortly.


You have just made a post at our community which is dedicated to helping you in matters of Right to Information. If you are new to RTI, you should read this article here What is Right to Information? - Guide. And if you are interested in reading the whole RTI Act please go to the following link: Right to Information Act 2005 [RTI Wiki]


PLEASE NOTE: We may not be able to answer your query conclusively, if it is not related to RTI, like finding a mobile number, vehicle registration number etc. These are not related to RTI.


Deepak Dipak here are some more links for you to explore about #RTI:


1. Download RTI Forms: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/docs/cat/11-sample-rti-forms/

2. Read here about How to Become RTI Activist

3. Read here RTI Online- Step by Step Guide to File RTI Online

4. Here you shall find various Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees: http://www.rtiindia.org/guide/centrestate-rti-rules-and-fees-3/

5. Read here about various case laws of RTI: http://www.rtiindia.org/law/


Thank You!

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You should have filed a first appeal by now.

Why are you waiting for so long.


There is a delay in providing information and the time limits set in Sec 11 have not been followed.

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Even when section 11 procedure is followed, an information can be denied only if exempted under any of the clauses of section 8 (1). PIO cannot deny information merely by quoting sec 11 or sec 8.

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Prasad GLN

But be prepared to equip with the NPA position of Unit as Public money is involved and it is in larger public interest, as Bank has yet to declare it as NPA. It appears that instead of using Sec. 8 (though not relevant/correct), they have invited Sec.11 though you are not seeking personal information of any individual and seeking information on the record of a Public Authority.

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