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akhilesh yadav

AP: Govt employee unearths housing scam, gets notice

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akhilesh yadav

HYDERABAD: Using Right to Information (RTI), when 61-year old retired government employee Shaik Madar exposed over hundred-odd squatters illegally occupying government quarters meant for irrigation department employees, he was expecting a pat on his back.


Instead, the ex-employee of the irrigation department Shaik Madar got a shock of his life when he was issued a show cause notice, asking him to vacate his official quarters, for exposing how illegal squatters in Nagarjuna Sagar Project (NSP) colony in Guntur owe Rs 2.01 crore to the government.


What came as a shock was estate officer S V Rajendra Prasad in the show cause notice warning Madar that running an RTI campaign from his quarters was a crime.


Read at: Govt employee unearths housing scam, gets notice - The Times of India


- - - Updated - - -


[h=2]RUNNING A GROUP TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT RTI FROM A GOVERNMENT QUARTER IS ‘MISUSE OF FACILITIES’: GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH[/h]S K Madar retired from the Irrigation Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh and has been living in Government quarters at Lingamguntla in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. He is an active Right to Information (RTI) user and has been seeking information from the Irrigation department on various issues. He is also part of an active group that educates people about the RTI.

The Issue

S K Madar has been using RTI to seek details of pending rent & other dues of occupants of the Government Quarters in the Nagarjuna Sagar Project area. He collected a lot of information from various agencies about these dues. A total amount of 1.45 crore rupees was due from the occupants as per the information provided by the Government. He also alleges that these quarters are often allotted to private people close to the officials and they never pay the rent. Armed with all this information, he even filed a petition in the Andhra Pradesh Lokayuktha in September 2014 which is still pending.

Read at: Newslaundry ? Running a group to educate people about RTI from a Government Quarter is ?Misuse of Facilities?: Government of Andhra Pradesh

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I think Mr. S K Madar has not violated any law/rules by providing guidance about RTI Act. He pays rent og govt. quarter regularly. He does not do any commercial activity in govt. quarter. Actually SE has threatend Mr. Madar by issuing illegal notice to press him.

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Prasad GLN

More particulars in "factly"/ mouthpiece of UFRTI - with all details. Authorities have not stated in show cause notice the stipulation under which running RTI Activity from his Govt quarter amounts to crime. The statements stated in TOI is also from UFRTI.

His only crime is bringing to the attention of the Govt to over dues of Rs.1.45cr dues from Govt.

There is no response from fellow RTI Activists and NGGO Association on this victimization.

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