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Passport missing



Dear Sir :

My name is NOOR MOHAMED.A and my date of birth is 18.04.1973 and I had an Indian Passport which I lost a few years back. Now that I am willing to visit my sister and family members in Malaysia I need a passport for travelling . To apply for a fresh one I need to know my old passport number but I am not having a copy of passport .Please Make necessary to get the number and other details


with regards

Noor Mohamed

No.7,P.K Samy North Street

Ramanathapuram - 623501



DATE OF BIRTH:18/04/1973




noor mohamed

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Did you inform police? if not, do it first.

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You may visit passport office which issued it and provide them your details with tentative date/month of issue of passport. Since records are computerised, it would be possible for office to locate it. Or you may contact approved passport agents in your city for help.

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Prasad GLN

Just recollect whether you have submitted the copy for identification purpose, and if so get a copy from them, and apply for duplicate passport as per detailed procedure given by them with due formats.

Not related to RTI.

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Dear Member, your query does not relate to RTI Act to which this portal is dedicated.This portal do not supply any information, but only enable and guide our members to access information from government/public authorities by using RTI Act. You will not get any answers here to general doubts and requests for help in non RTI related matters.

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    • antarikshtyagi
      By antarikshtyagi
      dear members
      i have not recived my passport after one and half year or application. now i want to appeal through my rti
      please tell me d procedure
    • vandanaarora2k
      By vandanaarora2k
      Despite easier rules to obtain a passport, my case has been(and is) a nightmarish one.
      Two previous applications to the Bareilly Passport Office(one in 2000, the other in 2003), yielded no passports, because I was studying in Delhi, and address verification at my Dehra Dun home couldn't get done(although I did reach home both times to do the needful - read going to the SHO in Doon valley, meeting travel agents of various kinds, etc.)
      Now I need a tatkal passport as I need to travel from office to Canada.
      Several trips to the Delhi RPO yield nothing but tears(on my end, that is).
      The problem, you might ask - the Delhi RPO wants a letter / fax from the Bareilly office, saying they have closed the applications.
      Sounds easy, doesn't it?
      But it is anything but that, believe me.
      The Bareilly people say they have destroyed all documents. And won't give me this in writing.
      To my question as to whether I can apply afresh, without mentioning my previous applications, they have this to say,"do saal ka imprisonment hain, madam. Dekh lijiye."
      Do any of you have any idea what can be done in this case?
      Should I consult a legal expert? any suggestions who?
      The RTI link on the passport site is under construction.
      Pretty convenient, isn't it?
      I need some answers here.
      Do help.



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