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shrikant M.

What is 30 day limit?


shrikant M.


Dear friends,


I asked information on daily report of my previous RTIs, PIO's reply, officals who worked on my RTIs, dispatch register, & all related things to same PIO. He transferred to another PIO. My earlier RTI was not complied for two reasons. 1) PIO mislead SIC that he has sent reply where I didn't get reply 2) SIC turned down my arguments saying he has dispatch register entry & it is admissible to court. I argued PIO told me he had sent by general post & on 30th day in which he asked me to unreasonable fee whose calculations not given to me & also required challan so that I can pay. SIC turned down my argument & asked me to pay in his order. Now I don't have challan thru which I can pay. So I filed another RTI to get challan. But PIO transferred to diff PIO deliberately. New PIO told me to go to dispatch clerk for inspection. Dispatch clerk told me she has only 2 registers. I asked 8 questions out of which she has no clue for other 7.


Point is whenever I ask information & demand for inspection, PIO forced me to take information by cost method only. PIO always denied me to give calculations or inspection of documents. FAA is always confronting with me that PIO's job finished when he sent reply. whether you like or not. I am arguing to allow me inspection & I always mentioned in my annexure A. I am demanding regularly to office for inspection whereas PIO forcing me to take his order cum reply. I am fighting for information since 9 months


I had made 4 RTIs recently & all of them were treated same way as above by same PIO. I wanted to file complaints under sec 18 to SIC but they are not accepting complaints & told me that they are recieving complaint only after SIC's 2nd appeal order. SIC administration are asking me to file First Appeal. i am getting lot of life threats by both PIO & FAA before. I made complaint letters to SIC but they refused me to take such letters too.


Note: Both PIO & FAA are involved in audit note case for many financial irregularities & improprieties. Both misused their office & powers. Both unable to close audit note for 3 years. Finally they tried to frame me in that case. When I filed RTI 9 months ago, they made recovery on paper. I got info from audit dept but audit dept didn't show me those reciepts by saying they returned back to my office. I am clerk in that office & this is MCGM case.


Audit dept showed me the said audit note file with lot missing & repeated docs. no links, no inward outward entries, no index in that file. Nexus between audit office & my office is seen clearly.


1. How may I Deal with?

2. What is 30 day limit? ...to furnish reply only & that too against my request?

3. How does audit note file look like

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Dear member,

Kindly file complaint in detail u/s 18 to the SIC by speed post.

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Strategy is important to win every war. The Department know your limits as an employee and hence trying to avoid supply of information to you.


1. How may I Deal with?

2. What is 30 day limit? ...to furnish reply only & that too against my request?

3. How does audit note file look like

Please revisit the suggestions by our members in your previous threads:


[1] http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/137808-options-after-sic-appeal.html#post349591


[2] http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/138340-what-do-i-do-now-when-my.html#post351021


[3] http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/141664-need-help-cost-method-rti.html#post361744


Now, ask a friend or relative of yours residing at a different place to seek same information under RTI. Draft the request preciously seeking the exact document instead of raising queries or questioning the authority etc.


Secondly, file RTI Application with the PIO of Audit Organiation and seek certified copy of the Audit Report in question.


You can also seek inspection of Audit File from Audit Organisation under RTI.

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Prasad GLN

Once the decision was given by IC, I do not find any further scope on the issue.

Please restart the procedure by filing aplication through some other's name. (Get his signature and a different address)

There are several violations by PIO and specifically over come all the previous violations by

a)By specifically seek information only in the form of reply/response and not inspection.

2.Seek information only through Registered post.

3)Seek certified copies and specifically ask them to intimate fees through calculation sheet and demand.


(There is lot of confusion in queries, as to how SIC can direct you only to file only appeals and not complaints. How they can refuse complaints received through Registered post. How they have refused whether in writing or orally. Take precautions, through lessons learnt earlier and construct RTI Application in a Pucca manner)

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    • sharadphadke
      By sharadphadke
      In order to withdraw some urgent money, I made one withdrawal from ATM on 18-10-2009. The first transaction failed and so I made a second try. This time, I got Rs.1000/- as demanded. The security person commented, “Your account shall be credited next day for this failed transaction.”
      But as a safety measure, I lodged an internet complaint for this failed transaction, took a “Print Screen” shots for complaint as well as receipt. Both this “Print Screen” shots helped me in all this failed transaction.
      On 1-12-09 while my pass book was updated I found there is no credit for Rs. 1000/- for failed transaction and since I was in bank, I made enquiries and I was told to lodge a second complaint. Accordingly second complaint was lodged on that day.
      On 1-1-2010 while updating my pass book I noticed, there is still no credit. On enquiries, I was told it takes about a month or some time more. But still visit 3rd floor and check in ATM section. The matter was left there only.
      This is the first part of the story, second part started on 6-1-2010 evening when I was visiting RBI web page to find Singapore $ rate. I found a link for common persons, where in there were many notifications and my eye caught a notification dated 17-7-2009 for ATM reconciliation. I downloaded the pdf. The link to this page is:
      Reserve Bank of India
      On reading this pdf I was rather shocked! It had stated, if the complaint is not solved within 12 working days, I was to be given Rs. 100/- per day as compensation.
      On next day, i.e. on 7-1-10, I took the print out of this notification and visited my bank at around 2 PM and showed it to the branch manager. The effect was very surprising and he promised to look in the matter and my residence received a call from bank staff that my account has been credited with Rs. 1000/- at around 5 PM. The message was also kept to call bank next day. I had high-lighted the condition of Rs. 100/- per day with high light marker. The Manager, Chief Manager and staff member started pleading some of the member from the branch shall be punished and he (Chief Manager) shall look in the matter and find the way. There was no action on his part for other 10 or more days.
      Since this being a very major issue, in the mean time I contacted an advocate and asked if a public interest litigation can be filed in High Court and get the order for all banks to act on this rule and give the compensation. He confirmed that this can be done but there has to be some evidence from different banks as they are also not following this rule. Hence he dictated an application under RTI and asked me to visit 2 days later to collect print out. That day he refused to take the case on the ground of time and refused to give the draft also.
      I thought of trying it my self and made application to:
      1) Bank of Maharashtra, as the H.O. was in Pune where I stay.
      2) Bank of Baroda, their Regional Office.
      3) Dena Bank, in there Regional Office.
      4) ICICI as they have ‘n number of ATM centers.
      5) IDBI bank Mumbai.
      6) Bank of India, Mumbai as my bank.
      These banks were selected as test case and have no specific reason.
      A separate application to RBI was also made since it was referred in there letter that they are receiving many complaints.
      Questions asked to 6 banks were:
      1) How many complaints were received for wrongfully debited on account of “failed ATM transactions”?
      2) In how many days the wrongfully debited amount was credited to the account of customer? You may give the answer as min and max days taken.
      3) Do you have any stipulated period policy to solve this type of complaint?
      4) If so, what is the maximum period you have specified?
      5) Do you reimburse any amount as compensation, for the delay caused in above period to the aggrieved customer?
      6) If yes, what is the amount you reimburse to the aggrieved customer? And how it is calculated?
      7) Do you have any system, to review this failed ATM transactions, and keep them to the Board of Directors, indicating inter alia, the quantum of compensation given to customer, reasons thereof, and action taken to avoid this delay?
      8) If yes, supply me the copy of this report.
      In the letter to RBI the questions were asked giving the reference to the directives they have sent to banks, given on web page and are as:
      1) How many complaints you received in connection of ATM failure in 2008? Give the details bank wise.
      2) How many complaints you received for above reason in 2009?
      3) How many complaints you have received after 17-7-2009?
      4) What mechanism you have set to enforce the Payment and Settlement System Act 2007, (Act 51 of 2007)? (Section-18)
      5) Is there any facility given on web site which gives the acknowledgement to the complaint via net?
      6) If not why?
      I think answers from RBI are very funny and vague. The answer given by the Reserve Bank is as follows:
      1) Information is not available with this department readily, since ATM related complaints are categorized along with credit / debit card complaints in our Complaint Tracking System. As per our records, we have received 17648 complaints relating to ATM cards, Debit cards and Credit cards during the year 2008-09.
      2) – do -
      3) – do –
      5) The web site has no such provision
      6) The information is not available with this dept.
      4) Answer to my (4) was from different dept. and the answer is “For regulation of payment system, the bank lays down policies and issues directions under Section 18 of Payment and settlement systems act 2007 as and when necessary.” It also states I can appeal against this reply to so and so….
      From the banks, the response is as below:
      1) ICICI : We are not covered under TRI and referred CIC order dated 9-8-2007
      2) IDBI : No of complaint-73700 and follows rules of RBI. Min-2 days max. 12 days, follows RBI guideline and pay 100/- p.d. Answer to Q-8 can not be given under sec. 8(1)(d) of RTI act.
      3) Bank of Maharashtra : No. of complaint=40010 and follows RBI directions and “there was no such occasion of delay by card cell” Answer to Q-8 – Not applicable.
      4) Bank of Baroda replied “as all information called for is maintained by corporate office and we are forwarding your application to them”
      5) Dena Bank : One Branch Manager from nearer branch visited my house but house was locked and hence he kept a message requesting to call on his mobile. So far there is no reply from them so far.
      6) Bank of India : There is no reply so far.
      I had sent one more RTI letter asking bank why my account was not credited with Rs.6500/- on 7-1-2010 along with Rs.1000/- and the account was credited 0n 25-2-2010 for Rs.6500/- The second letter was to separate Public Interest Litigation keep me away from one of beneficiary in the case.
      Now, I want your guidance in this case for archiving the goal on all India basis.
      I wish each and every one who is deprived from this compensation part should get the money. And to get it for them how do I precede with current status. Now on each and every move is important because millions and millions are involed in this case.
    • harinder dhingra
      By harinder dhingra
      Chief Secretary office directs all government offices in Haryana to streamline procedure to time limits as prescribed under RTI At on undersigned petitions/RTI applications.
      I had demanded information vide RTI application dated 5th June 2014 about implementation of Hon'ble CIC of SIC, Haryana direction in case number 1205 of 3rd March 2014 directing the Chief Secretary office of Government of Haryana, directing him to teke effective steps for streamlining the system of receipt and dispatch of RTI communication within office of public authorities in Haryana Government.
      Finding no implementation of Hon'ble CIC of SIC Haryana, filed Complaint under Section 18 (2) of RTI Act 2005, on which the Hon'ble Commission directed on 29th Oct 2015 to do the same and show cause notice for levying the penalty under section 20 (1) of RTI Act 2005. (Copy Enclosed).
      The Chief Secretary as mentioned in their file notings (enclosed) of Harinder Dhingra Vs Chief Secretary office issued a circular dated 18th Dec 2014 to all offices of Haryana to TAKE EFFECTIVE STEPS STREAMLINE THE SYSTEM OF RECEIPT AND DESPATCH OF RTI COMMUNICATION WITHIN PRESCRIBED LIMIT UNDER RTI ACT 2005. (COPY ENCLOSED)
      This in another step in implementing RTI Act 2005 and transparency in Haryana. This was possible due to continues effort of undersigned spread over a year in this matter.

      Thank You,


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