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Time limit for Police verification for reissue of passport on exhausting pages



Dear Sir/Madam,

I applied for reissue of passport in Ahmedabad, Gujarat due to all pages exhausted normal application no . AH1078823740415. Procedures been completed by passport office on 2/6/2015 and physical verification is sent to shahibaug police thana and same been carried out on 8/6/2015.


However the police who carried out verification was indirectly asking for money to which I refused so he demanded more and more identity proof/ papers and witnesses which I fulfilled.


I was checking today 22/06/2015 on PSK, status of my application and found that still it is showing physical verification pending at shahibaug police Thana.

Today on 22nd morning I went again to police Thana to know status of my verification. Police clerk told me it is been submitted to police Commissioner's office on 11th June 2015 by outward no 4206/15 and told me he does not have acknowledgement from commissioner office. I doubt that he is dodging the matter since I didn't bribe to him.

Now what should I do to coupe with the situation,know the exact status and speed up the process? Can you please advise me please?

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Hi Nitinmshah1958 and welcome to RTI INDIA- Right to Information! This is an introductory reply and members of our forum shall reply to your specific query shortly.


You have just made a post at our community which is dedicated to helping you in matters of Right to Information. If you are new to RTI, you should read this article here What is Right to Information? - Guide. And if you are interested in reading the whole RTI Act please go to the following link: Right to Information Act 2005 [RTI Wiki]


PLEASE NOTE: We may not be able to answer your query conclusively, if it is not related to RTI, like finding a mobile number, vehicle registration number etc. These are not related to RTI.


Nitinmshah1958 here are some more links for you to explore about #RTI:


1. Download RTI Forms: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/docs/cat/11-sample-rti-forms/

2. Read here about How to Become RTI Activist

3. Read here RTI Online- Step by Step Guide to File RTI Online

4. Here you shall find various Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees: http://www.rtiindia.org/guide/centrestate-rti-rules-and-fees-3/

5. Read here about various case laws of RTI: http://www.rtiindia.org/law/


Thank You!

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Dear member,

Do not worry and kindly approach at special branch, passport section, CP office, shahibaug, Amdavad. Politely inform them about outward No. 4206/15 dated 11.06.15 of shahibaug police station and ask to provide status. They will provide you latest status. CP has posted well mannered staff in passport section so you will not have to wait for more time.

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Prasad GLN

If every normal procedure fails seek information on Date of Inquiry: and date of sending the report to PPO and reasons for undue delay and the despatch No. and date when it was posted. (Now I think that they are being submitted on line, and hard copy follows)

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Thanks for your reply and guidance provided sir.


- - - Updated - - -


Thanks fro your quick reply and guidance sir.

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Thread moved to Non RTI issues section of the portal

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