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regarding PF amount transfer



Dear team,


before i ask question below is some information on which question is based -


  • My Previous PF account was at VAPI,Gujarat location with my previous employer.
  • I changed the job with a new employer who is gurgaon based and this PF account is Gurgaon based.
  • so filled up form for transferring my previous PF amount to new PF account.
  • i filled up the form before 8-9 months from now.


Now my question are -


  1. while i serched on epfo portal it is shwoing amount settled for the Previous PF account that is my old account at VAPI, gujarat. but while i checked it new PF account balance its not shwowing that previous ammount.
  2. If its shown that previous ammount is transferred than where it'll reflect.
  3. New PF account is shwoing my current PF balance only which is deposited by my current employer only.
  5. How could i know that where the amount got stuck so that i can take necessary action accordingly.
  6. one more major concern is that is amount is safe and i'll get after some procedure or the possibilities that it got lost somwhere ???

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You may file RTI with EPFO office in Gujarat seeking details of transfer of PF to Gurgaon EPFO [like date, amount, certified copy of letter sent to Gurgaon, cheque number or any other reference number, date and proof of mailing to Gurgaon office and also statement of account for last one year]. Please attach self attested photocopy of your identity proof with RTI application. Please refer:


Central Govt. application:








Simultaneously, file e-complaint on following websites and also mail hard copy to Vapi and Gurgaon EPFO offices:


Epfo (Govt. of India) and http://epfigms.gov.in/



When you get information from Vapi EPFO, mail a representation to Gurgaon office with self attested photocopy of CPIO reply with a request to locate the amount


and credit to your account. In case if there is inordinate delay by Gurgaon office, you may again use RTI by referring above two links of RTI and the following link:


Long pending? :





Please do not worry about loss of amount. You will definitely get it. In case if issue is not solved with above steps, please come to this portal again for further guidance.


EPFO is in the process of giving universal PF account number which will remain same through out service period of an employee, irrespective of change in employer and hence this problem will be solved once for all for all employees. You may seek this number if received by your old or new employer.

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Thank you so much sir for immediate reply,


Here I would like to share that I do not have any copies of those submitted document because I have filled up the form in hurry, I didn't got time to take a Xerox of that form.


but as I am searching it on portal with my old PF account no (Provided by my previous employer) it is showing it got settled so I thought its done but while I took new PF account no (with my new employer) and downloaded the passbook but amount was not there.

I could give all those details only. Also I have registered for that universal no (UAN) and downloaded passbook from that portal assuming that in UAN it might reflect settlement, but there was no change in that also.

I was following all this procedure with a employee at our current organisation but he recently left.


please guide me further. what could be done.

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Prasad GLN

Application dt 29th Jun, 2015 seeking information under RTI Act

Filed before CPIO, EPFO, ....................VAPI.Gujarat,

RTI fee: Indian Postal Order Rs.10/- fvg. Accounts officer, EPFO payable at VAPI



Brief Factts: Settlement of Pf Account No..................Name.....................Employer..........ID No.

Stated as settled - details needed as subscriber never received the amount. Self identity enclosed.


1)Please provide certified copies all documents received for settlement of the account, and the account number and the manner and date of settlement of the PF Account as expeditiously as possible.




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You may attach copy of screen shot of the portal showing transfer and approximate month/year in which forms were mailed to Vapi EPFO. In your case Vapi office has tranfered amount and it has not been credited to your account at Gurgaon and I think it is manually done by Vapi office. Hence to enable Gurgaon office to locate transfer, we can provide documentary evidence with all the details to Gurgaon office. In addition to RTI please follow up administratively on EPFO portals and by hard copies by speed post [to be tracked for delivery at http://www.indiapost.gov.in]. Please use copy of screen shot showing transfer in all your representations.

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RTI can be effectively used to get exact information about transfer as well as amount transferred as detailed below


The following documents / information can be sought from the PIO.

An RTI Application filed by any person other than the employee himself will be rejected under Sec-8(1)(e). Therefore RTI Application must be filed by the Employee only. You can attach Employee ID Card as proof.


[1] certified copy of EPF return Form-3A(Revised)/ [Form-F7(PS) for exempted Establishments] filed by M/s ............................. (previous company) during the year ................, .......... & 2007 (one or two years earlier starting from the year of leaving)showing month-wise contribution towards EPF and Pension Fund in my PF Account No. .................. Name ………..(your name) . (Form-3A is yearly statement to be filled by company before 30th Apr of every year)


[2] Certified copy of EPF transfer Form-13 (Revised) submitted by the undersigned with M/s ...... ( present company) to transfer my PF account no. .............. from EPFO …………. to M/s ...................... (PRESENT company) EPFO ............................ along with information filled in by M/s ………………… (PRESENT employer) in Form-13(Rev) and Orders of Provident Fund Commissioner.


[3] Certified copy of Transfer Intimation i.e Annexure-K [Revised] in respect of my EPF Account no. .............. based on my application on Form-13 submitted to M/s .................. (present employer) on ............. (put the date of submission, if you know, else don’t mention date).


[4] Certified copy of Form No.10 submitted by M/s ...........(previous employer company) in the month of ...................and ........ ( the month and next month of your leaving employment from previous company.)


Modify above item (1) to (4) by removing bracketed portion given for your guidance. Other forms can also be sought depending upon circumstances mentioned under caption Relevance of Information below.


For more details and relevance of above information, please refer to: MISSING EPF DETAILS

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      Hi Member,

      Would like to have your view on using RTI to get information for the below scenario:

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      Now, having lost my patience, I thougt of raising a complaint using RTI. Can you help me to know whether RTI could be used for this purpose.
      Thanks in advance.


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