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Allotment of land to Defence Personal





Plz tell me the full procedure of the allotment of govt land to defence personal.

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You can contact your local District Collector or the Sainik Welfare Board.


Thread moved to Non RTI issues section and closed.

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    • sairam.natarajan
      By sairam.natarajan
      Hi All
      First of all, this is an amazing forum! I am impressed beyond imagination, and though I used to call myself educated; it is only after reading through this forum that I realized how ignorant I was.
      The two issues I am currently facing are:
      1. My non-issuannce of passport. I had applied in Aug 2007. The police verification took place on 24th Jan 2009, after re-submition of personal particulars form. Since then, there has been no update. The online status has been the same since the date I applied, "House locked for police verification". I am going to file a request under RTI Act to get information regarding my application, in an as detailed manner as possible.
      2. I am an ex-cadet of the Indian Military Academy, and I was medically invalided with 30% permanent physical disability in Mar 2007. I have not received any communication regarding the monthly ex gratia and the disability grant that I am eligible for. I am going to file a request under RTI Act to get information regarding the status, in an as detailed manner as possible.
      Any for me are most welcome and appreciated.
      I will keep this thread updated about how both of the above proceed.
      One query I have is, is there a way to find out the status of a request filed under the RTI? Also, can a cheque, say from ICICI Bank or some such be used to make the RTI fee payment?
      Thanks and Regards
    • drsushilkumar
      By drsushilkumar
      Success stories of File Notings (A FEW AMONG THE MILLIONS)
      Ø Wing Commander Dr Sushil Kumar had joined ICHR in July 1997. He was sidelined as he was espousing transparency in the distribution of research funds. The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi had observed in an Order dated 10 May 2002 passed by Hon’ble Justice Mr. Sanjay Kishan Kaul, after many hearings that there appeared to be a collusion between certain officers of the ICHR and of the Ministry of HRD against Kumar.
      o He was then placed under suspension by the Honorary Chairman on charges of exposing official secrets by writing to the CVC, CAG amongst others about the corruption within ICHR. The person, who had been incited to challenge Kumar’s appointment in Court, withdrew the case after probably realising the overall conspiracy where he had been merely used against an honest person.
      o The file notings now obtained by whistle blower Dr Sushil Kumar, exposes that the Honorary Chairman who had suspended him in 2003 had acted beyond his jurisdiction. Also the official (dealing officer of the Director rank in the Department of Secondary and Higher Education in the Min of HRD) who gave his honest and unbiased opinion that the “suspension was illegal and hence be revoked”, was subsequently shunted out.
      o As Dr Kumar put it, “I came to know this after three years plus. Only with file notings under RTI. RTI sans File Notings could snatch my RoTI(bread).”
      Independence Day Action Alert – Email and Fax Embassies and Ambassador! Right2Information


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