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RTI in police station ??



I am a accused in a false allegations filed by my sister in law for domestic violence(498a).I along with my father went to police station on the same day and they policemen first filed a statement of all of us including my sister in law,got it signed and then ask us to file a statement or write anything whatever u would like to write on a blank paper and asked us to leave and wait for summons..after one week from one of our common friend we came to know that she had withdrawl that allegations on the very next day..So being a accused in this case..i would like to know is it possible to get what exactly allegations she filed along with that withdrawl letter under RTI..If yes , then what to do next..and if no then is there any other way of getting it ??

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Hi abhinav.arora and welcome to RTI INDIA- Right to Information! This is an introductory reply and members of our forum shall reply to your specific query shortly.


You have just made a post at our community which is dedicated to helping you in matters of Right to Information. If you are new to RTI, you should read this article here What is Right to Information? - Guide.


PLEASE NOTE: We may not be able to answer your query conclusively, if it is not related to RTI, like finding a mobile number, vehicle registration number etc. These are not related to RTI.


abhinav.arora here are some more links for you to explore about RTI:


1. Join our wiki RTI Wiki [Right to Information Wiki]

2. Read here about How to Become RTI Activist

3. Read here RTI Online- Step by Step Guide to File RTI Online

4. Here you shall find various Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees: Centre/State RTI Rules and Fees - Guide

5. Read here about various case laws of RTI: http://www.rtiindia.org/law/


Thank You!

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Prasad GLN

Yes. You can seek such information as a citizen and as an affected party also.

Please seek following information:

1)Please provide the copy of complaint basing on which officials have called the applicant and extracted statements in writing on...................at Police station.

2)Please inform whether there is any procedure for compensating the victims, when complaint was made only as threat and later withdrawn and action if any on such frivolous complainants.


(RTI fee is through Rs.10/- Adhesive court fee and send application to SPIO of that Police station by Regd., post. There is a format in every state for RTI, just check in their website (Police)

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Sir, why 'format in Maharshtra for RTI' is mentioned?


Dear member,


For guidance in drafting/submitting RTI application, to know about rules/fee refer to following links.




How to write an RTI Application? - Guide






How to submit a RTI Application - Guide



Centre/State RTI Rules and Fees - Guide

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