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nk agarwal

Long Pendency at CIC

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nk agarwal

The CICI web site shows 40200 appeals and complaints as pending before the CIC at 13:30pm on 19th July 2015

(1) What purpose the stale info/relief, if at all, the appellant gets, would serve the purpose?

(2) To clear pendency, run of the mill disposal would be the general outcome rather than exceptions - I apprehend.

(3) Unless CIC takes a proactive stance against the PIOs and FAAs, to reduce 2nd appeals and complaints, the pendency is likely to increase in coming years.

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There are many reasons for increasing SAs.


[1] increased awareness of citizens about RTI

[2] attitude of PIOs, FAAs and public authority to suppress / deny information.

[3] frivolous SAs airing merit of issues involved in information sought under RTI.

[4] insufficient number of Information Commissioners.

[5] long duration vacancy of ICs

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PIOs and FAAs are 75 % responsible for such situation. For remaining, A flow of RTI applications and ICs are responsible.

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No govt wants RTI to work smoothly, since misdeeds of govts will come out and PIL could be problem for politicians and govt officers. Best way is to keep CIC/SICs fractured by not providing adequate and efficient ICs and infrastructure etc. Now only way out for alert citizens is to get adequate ICs. This can be done only through judicial pressure, as it did in case of Chief IC at CIC recently. In Gujarat there is pendency of 6000 appeals and complaints with CIC and only one IC and time lag is 36 months [good governance]. An alert senior citizen [bank officer] and dialysis patient has recently filed writ in HC for adding five more ICs to GIC. Earlier also he had got two ICs added twice through HC orders only. Valuable things do not come cheap. We as alert citizens will have to build up pressure to ensure that CIC/SICs function smoothly. If ICs are prompt in penalising PIOs the inflow will reduce and PIOs and FAAs will discharge their duties properly. For this at least we can create record by referring:


Not penalized



Let us do what is possible for us. Some thing is better than nothing. This Govt will understand only legal language as far as right based rights of citizens are concerned. This is Gujarat experience of RTI.

Govts want to give charity to citizens in a democracy, as they think that we as citizenry are not mature enough for right based rights after 68 years of Independence.


None the less, we could get improvement in functioning of RTI in last 10 year like:


1. Video hearing by CIC and some other SICs


2. e-filing of RTI applications and appeals for Central Govt and in Maharashtra [only Mantralaya depts at present]


3. Advertisement for appointment of ICs at CIC, but we are yet to get adequate non-babus as ICs.


4. e-filing of second appeals/complaints at CIC and few SICs.

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R/sir, you are correct that "If ICs are prompt in penalising PIOs the inflow will reduce and PIOs and FAAs will discharge their duties properly". So far Gujarat is concerned i have seen that these PIOs and FAAs are not at all interested in properly disposal of the RTI applications/appeals as per provisions of Act.

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Prasad GLN

If there is a will there is a way. They may have to work hard for one or two months. Segregate the appeals priority wise, incase of deemed denials give SCN immediately to provide information and also seek explanation for not providing the information within stipulated period , and prepare office notes where appellant and PIO differ, they can also segregate those exemption applications and take a decision on basis of facts and ready with home work when they come up for hearing and by focussing only on such differences, they can reduce the appeals atleast by 50% within a month.

Now each and every IC takes down the name and hears what was stated in appeal, without doing any home work and prepared with that issue which is contended, the recording process, repetition of names, slow writing etc.consumes long time, and the time for arguments is less and by that time IC is exhausted of such writing and shows impatience and irritation after 5 minutes.

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