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What is solution for teared currency not



I went sbi benk few days ago. and they refuse to take one black stained 100 rs note.... I asked him should I do to this not.... his reply was shocking. . He told,"you would have check before taking it... where we should approach for this stuff exept bank. .. we can't contact direct rbi..... what can be done according to you..?

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Dear Member, your query does not relate to RTI Act to which this portal is dedicated. This portal is dedicated in guiding citizen in seeking information from Public authorities under RTI Act. Yet;


In each state there as a branch of RBI and you can change currency note there.

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Bank official can only tell you whether it is changable or not and RTI may not be in any way help you to solve your problem

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Prasad GLN

As per Bank policy, they must accept those notes from constituents. Kindly search website of RBI/IBA and also search in google with key words " Exchanging soiled / torn currency notes policy"

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