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Ravindranath C

Case rejection By Banking Ombudsman


Ravindranath C

Regarding the deniel of accidental insurance by ICICI Home Fiance for a houseing loan applicant (who died in an accident), victim's father (my brother) is having a dispute with ICICI Since 2004. The victim died immediatley after taking first installment of the loan. When his father approached bank to refund the amount, they advised him to submit insurance claim (National Inssurance), telling that the victim is having coverage. After 3 years, they informed that the claim is rekected as per the terms and conditions of the captioned policy. As we do not have the copy of the policy we requested them to give a copy for appreciating the terms and conditions. But they never gave.

Meanwhile, the bank filed a complaint on victims father (2nd applicant of loan) in Feb ruary 2008 in LokAdlat that he is defaulter. In the Lok Adlat, the victim's father explained the case and requested the Adalat to get him the policy copy from Bank. Adlat asked the Bank to submit a copy before April end 2008 and settle the case with mutual agreement. But even today they have not given.

Victim's father filed a complaint in Banking ombudsman, by stating the hose case, including the Lok Adlat's episode. When ombudsman asked the ICICI Bank to respond, it gave a reply that the case is pending at Lok Adlat. Based on that the Ombudsman rejected the case under clause 9(3)(d) of Banking Ombudsman Schem 2006.


Can any body help us what to do now.

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This portal is meant only for RTI related queries. For help on other matters you can try our sister portal http://www.bighelpers.org

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