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Construction started after 1 yr after filling RTI application

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UGC sanctioned 28 lakh for construction of class room and laboratory development. This fund was sanctioned in 2014. College authority requested Municipality and R&B for construction but both of them refused. Finally This college requested District Rural development agency for construction of class room and upgradation of laboratory. DRDA ordered BDO to take over this project and submit estimate & plan.


After 3 months BDO submitted plans and College deposited full amount by cheque. But everything stopped here. Project pending for 13 months. College authority also silenced.


Some college staff approached me and described eeverything after that I file RTI application. After filling it, BDO finally forced to order tender process. It started after 10/15 days of filling application. In the 1st appeal hearing BDO agreed that he has not interested in this project. And this hearing is also the 1st ever hearing in this office since 2005 according to their statement.


So finally on the same day of hearing this construction started.


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Prasad GLN

A great success story. One must admit that to make success, some insiders should also help in giving clues and important facts. But for insiders assistance, one can not proceed further.

I wish that some staff members of Nationalised Banks also should some how leak details of NPA to media with Annonymous names. I do not know what Unions /Associations are doing towards this important aspect, particularly when Banks / RBI are not willing to share such intentional defaulters list with Public.

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