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Atul Patankar

Vanishing lake: HC seeks reply from govt

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Atul Patankar

As reported at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 26 February, 2009


NEW DELHI: Within six years, the status of a prominent water body in the national capital has changed from a "wet and clean lake'' to "does not exist'' in the revenue records of the Delhi government.


This status change of the natural reservoir in Mayapuri has prompted the Delhi High Court to demand an explanation from the state government and ask for its reply on a petition filed by an NGO, Tapas, which alleged that the 18,000 sq m area rich in aquifers was on its deathbed.


V K Jain of Tapas based his petition on an RTI reply he received from the PWD last year which denied the existence of the lake and claimed that the water body was never under its jurisdiction. The petition alleges PWD owned the lake till 2003.


"Local MLA Karan Singh Tanwar said as per the land records received from SDM (Delhi Cantt) and Patwari of that area in July 2007, it is informed that this was not a water body,'' the RTI reply of PWD said.


Arguing before a division bench of HC, Jain, through his lawyer informed court that PWD's stand was in contrast to 2003 when the common effluent treatment plant was being made near Mayapuri lake. The department was asked to create another water body of the same size in Bawana for which the Delhi Jal Board had given an affidavit. "PWD had also submitted an affidavit claiming to have paid money to the MCD for removing encroachment on the lake located on the ring road near FCI at Naraina,'' the petition said.


The lake which was spread over an area of 36,000 sq feet was reduced to half to pave way for the CETP for providing clean water in the area, it added.


Urging HC to step in to save the water body, Jain said, "If no efforts are taken to save the lake, it would soon meet the fate of several other water bodies which have dried up because of developmental projects. In fact, except tall promises there are no sincere efforts on the part of the government to revive the dying lakes to ensure ecological balance in the water-parched city.'' The case will now come up for hearing on March 31.


Source: Vanishing lake: HC seeks reply from govt-Delhi-Cities-The Times of India

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Atul Patankar

As reported by Noor Khan at www.samaylive.com on 29 March 2009


New Delhi, Mar 29 : Once a silent victim of neglect and illegal encroachment, a prominent water body in the national capital could soon be brimming with water once again with Delhi Government officially recognising its "existence" to restore it.


"We have decided to revive Mayapuri lake in West Delhi. After a survey we found it is actually a marshland filled with water and can recharge the ground water. We will soon chalk out plans for its facelift and remove encroachments around it," Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta told PTI.


A decision in this regard will be conveyed to the Delhi High Court on March 31 when the case seeking status of the water body will come up for hearing, said Mehta, who also heads the High Court-appointed monitoring committee on water bodies.


The government decision has come after an NGO Tapas filed a petition in the court challenging the stand of the PWD, which in reply to an RTI query in September last year denied the existence of the lake even though official documents reveal that it was under its jurisdiction in 2003.


Source: Prominent water body in capital could soon be full of water :: SamayLive

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      An Applicant during inspection of the concerned records can be accompanied by his counsel or an authorized representative.
      If the petitioner, for some reasons, felt inhibited due to his not being fluent in English, denial of appropriate assistance in fact would have resulted in withholding access to information. Surely, that is not the object of the Act or even the order. In these circumstances, the respondents should grant the petitioner's request. Accordingly, the respondent No.1 is directed to permit inspection of the concerned records by the petitioner, who can be accompanied by his counsel or an authorized representative.
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      This RTI is a powerful tool to expose major policy decisions. Recently a major breakthrough happened with effort in Delhi to privatize water supply in the city.
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