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Problems with portal to file RTI online

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Just sharing the chain of emails exchanged with DoPT/NIC regarding

issues and problems faced by RTI applicants who file application online.


If anyone is facing issues OTHER THAN THOSE which are already pointed

out, please post in this thread. Will try to take it up with DoPT / NIC.

Please read the email trail from bottom up !






[TD][TABLE=width: 737]


[TD][h=3]Sarbajit Roy[/h][/TD]




[TD]9:24 AM (15 minutes ago)cleardot.gif









[TD=colspan: 3][TABLE=width: 921]


[TD]to d.chaturvedi, me














Dear Mr. Chaturvedi



Many thanks for the follow up the DoPT is taking to make RTI user friendly.



BTW, I trust that the other concerns I had experienced and which I raised qua RTIONLINE are also under examination, eg


a) The 48 hours (life or liberty) first appeal filing anomaly which requires 30 day waiting period, A check-box for life/iberty RTI requests can be provided.


b) Illegal multiple fwds to multiple CPIOs within same public authority should be prevented in the RTIONLINE system.


c) Inability to file online first appeals for RTIs forwarded to other public authority/s etc..



d) If physical reply is received from PIO but RTIONLINE is not updated then first appeal cannot be filed online till 30 days have elapsed from filing of RTI request etc.



e) No facility to highlight "illegal" characters in the RTI queries.




PS: I am sharing your email to Mr. C.J. Karira of RTIINDIA.ORG as they receive many similar complaints from public.







Sarbajit Roy


New Delhi



cc: C.J.Karira / RTI Activist





On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 9:09 AM, d.chaturvedi wrote:

Dear sir


May peruse the clarification of NIC officers.



They are on the job for getting the issues related to Firefox sorted. The portal works on Chrome in IE


Devesh Chaturvedi

-------- Original Message --------


Date: Nov 18, 2016 6:42:20 PM

Subject: Fwd: Re: Fwd: CIC Convention : Followup re- RTIONLINE portal

To: "d.chaturvedi"





Kindly see trailing mail for required clarification.



s n sowpari



-------- Original Message --------

Mrs Debjani Nag

Date: Nov 16, 2016 11:56:38 AM

Subject: Re: Fwd: CIC Convention : Followup re- RTIONLINE portal

To: sowpari

Cc: "Mr. P Ramachandran"



Dear Mr Sowpari


My apologies for the delayed response.


This problem appears in browsers which do not have the Root Certificate of CCA integrated.


The Special Root Certificate for SSL comes pre-installed in Microsoft IE. It is also trusted in Chrome (Windows environment). So these two should be working.


As far as Firefox is concerned, steps are under way for Root Certificate integration.


Hope this clarifies.


Best wishes.


.. Mrs Debjani Nag

Deputy Controller (Technology)

O/o Controller of Certifying Authorities

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

On 11/09/16 06:23 PM,

Kindly refer to our tele-talk held today regarding SSL certificate error in Firefox browser.

The SSL certificate has been implemented in
on 27.08.2016 issued by M/s (n)Code Solutions through NICSI.

During CIC Annual Convention held on 07.11.2016 at DRDO Bhawan, one of the participants raised the issue (attached) and the enclosed e-mail message sent to Join Secretary, DoPT.

May kindly advice.

S N Sowpari


-------- Original Message --------


Date: Nov 9, 2016 10:47:47 AM

Subject: Fwd: CIC Convention : Followup re- RTIONLINE portal

To: sowpari



May kindly address the issue and provide report/clarification


-------- Original Message --------

Sarbajit Roy

Date: Nov 8, 2016 8:26:19 AM

Subject: CIC Convention : Followup re- RTIONLINE portal





Mr. Devesh Chaturvedi


Jt. Sec. DoPT






Touching upon the subject problems I communicated to you during the. CIC RTI Convention at DRDO Bhawan.


Please find below the screenshot of the problem I (and I'm sure many others) face today with regard to the security certificate of RTIONLINE portal.



It seems the problem is "UNKNOWN CERTIFICATE ISSUER"






Sarbajit Roy


New Delhi










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