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I just bought a new house in Salem,Tamil Nadu. It is 156 sq feet away from a railway track.I need to know whether I would be able to get a NOC (No objection certificate) for the land.Any ideas and information would be helpful.Thanks in advance.

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Prasad GLN

Please file prescribed application under RTI and seek the norms laid down for getting such NOC.

Then apply for NOC to Railways and to Municipality.

(When you have purchased already built house, how NOC can be obtained on built house is not known, as prior to construction that NOC is required before seeking approval from Municipal authorities)


When you have bought you may not be able to sell it further, and must have taken adequate precautions before purchasing the same.

Contact those residential house owners in the neighborhood, close to your house and get more facts.

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Your house in question is about 47.5 meters away from railway boundary and hence well within the stipulated norms, unless the railway has proposal for expansion / additional construction outside its present boundary.


Please go through the Railway Department letter >> http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/land_amen/downloads/ID_99.pdf



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