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BEWARE BEWARE : RTI applicants in Tamil Nadu beware

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The Registrar of TNSIC has issued a letter to The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices which states (interalia):


"not to accept State Government RTI applications from applicant across the counter of Post Offices"


The picture of the circular issued by the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices to all Post Offices in Tamil Nadu is attached.


Presumably, the Registrar of TNSIC meant that Post Offices should not accept RTI applications for public authorities under the TN Government - since it is not allowed and post offices are not designated SAPIOs.


The whole episode has been tunred on its head........and now each post office dispalys this letter on the counter window !


RESULT: No post office is accepting even Registered Post / Speed Post letters even if they are addressed to "SPIO under RTI Act 2005" of any public authority - simply because the person at the counter has chosen to interpret this letter in a particular way.


My queries:


1. Does the Registrar of TNSIC has any such powers to issue such a letter to Postal Department ?

2. Why is the Postal Deaprtment (under Central Govt.) accepting some instructions from the TN State Information Commission ?


Just shows how plain stupid can some people can be !





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Deepak Dang

Better anyone in TN file grievance with CPIO of Postal Deptt. Our petition should be to ensure penalty on both officers. Disciplinary action may be initiated if pressed by Media & RTI Activist.

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Prasad GLN

Comedy of errors.

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    • Shrawan
      By Shrawan


      22nd September, 2006


      Appeal No.112 /ICPB/2006

      In the matter of Right to Information Act, 2005 – Section 19.

      Appellant: Shri Dhruba Charan Naik
      Public authority: Department of Post, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneshwar. The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices & CPIO. Shri S.K. Kamila, Director Postal Services – Appellate Authority.
      By an application dated 21.3.2006 addressed to the CPIO, the appellant has requested for information regarding percentage of marks obtained by the last candidate (category wise i.e. OBC/SC/ST) of selected candidates of open market for filling up vacancies of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants for the recruitment years 1994, 1995 and 1996 separately,
      pertaining to Sundargarh Postal Division. It appears that the CPIO declined to furnish the information and accordingly he appealed to the AA. By a decision dated 2.5.2006, the AA directed the CPIO to furnish the information sought for by the appellant and accordingly, the CPIO furnished certain information on 9.5.2006, which according to the appellant was incomplete and therefore, he filed an appeal before the Post Master General, who has advised him that the second appeal lies before this Commission and accordingly, the appellant has filed
      this appeal on 25.6.2006. Comments were called for from the CPIO in which the CPIO has furnished full information and it is also stated that similar information has been sent to the appellant. On receipt of the comments and reply, the appellant has written to the CPIO on 17.8.2006, seeking for certain clarification and endorsing a copy of the said letter, the appellant has sought time to file his rejoinder after receipt of clarifications from the CPIO.
      From the reply furnished to the appellant as per the comments, I find that whatever information that the appellant had sought, the same has been furnished to the appellant. In his letter dated 17.8.2006 addressed to the CPIO, the appellant has not questioned the information
      furnished but has asked for not only additional information but also raised various queries un connected with the information sought and provided. A far as this appeal is concerned, since the information sought has been provided, the appeal stands closed.
      3. Let a copy of this decision be sent to the appellant and CPIO.

      (Padma Balasubramanian)
      Information Commissioner

    • venugopal
      By venugopal
      I had asked for the information from the superintendent of Post Office about details of my registered letter which I had booked 3 years before, but he has refused to give the information saying that he cannot give that information.
      He has not written why he cannot give that information. Should I go for appeal?


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