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Pension information in 48 hours

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I am attaching CIC decision dated 28-06-2017 treating pension payment to be under life and liberty clause.

PENSION 48 HOURS 280617.pdf

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Good collection of order, it's very useful


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    • Shrawan
      By Shrawan
      NEW DELHI: The beaming face of Laxmi Devi says it all. The 80-year-old has finally got her pension after she'd almost given up hope, thanks to the Right To Information Act.
      Laxmi Devi lives with her daughter, who works as a domestic help, in Khirki village. In May 2005, she applied for an old-age pension to MCD. But despite numerous visits to the office, there was no sign of a pension.
      Finally, she approached an RTI camp organised by Satark Nagarik Sanghathan, an NGO. She was told her application was missing and she would have to apply again. She did. And promptly got approval for a monthly pension of Rs 350 in December. She will receive a cheque of Rs 1,750 (for five months) this month.
      Laxmi Devi is not alone. Ordinary people are now using RTI to get basic amenities, install road signage, repair roads and even get admission in schools.
      Sangeeta and Sultana of Begumpur didn't get their ration entitlements for over two years as their ration cards weren't being renewed by the Food and Civil Supplies Department. Though touts offered to help them for a ‘fee', they decided to take the RTI route. By November 2006, both had got their ration cards.
      Source: Citizen uses RTI to get elusive pension -India-NEWS-The Times of India
    • preeti
      By preeti
      Hello sir,

      I have got your message & want to share my experiences with you.
      A lady of 68 years old whose name is Kamla living in a small village of UP trying to get her pension after the death of her husband. She is facing a lot of prolems in this path. First she is illitrate & unable to write an application then she went to Pradhan of her village & then subbmitted an application to pension office. After one month she had not got any answer then she further go to D.M. of the district & complained him that she had submitted an application to that office but yet not answered & the person said her that there is no infomation about. After this she send an application to State Information Commissioner with the help of another person. It's time passes two & half months & didnot get any answer then she send an reminder but after 15 days she met a social worker working with an NGO & tell him her problem. The social worker who represents a NGO consider her problem & collect all photocopies of her posted applications & send them to Chief Information Commissioner with a touching letter. After one week subbmission of that letter she get all her informations & the lady had got also her pension regularly now.


      Preeti Srivastava


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