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Gujarat information commission issued GR

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The Commission has no such powers to issue GR for a specific format for second appeal.


The power to make Rules with respect to the RTI Act 2005 is with the Central/State Government (sec 27) or the Competent Authority (Sec 28).


The State Information Commission is neither the State Government nor the competent authority.

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Prasad GLN

It is time to file RTI application to SPIO, GIC and seek information as follows:

Information solicited:

1)Please provide me the copy of such stipulations in RTI Act, by which GIC is empowered to prescribe a format for second appeal.


I personally feel that it is suggestive / recommendatory in nature and can not be a mandate.



(as the format is in Gujarati, members not knowing Gujarati can not mark head and tail to understand their authority in bringing such directive if any)

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