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Online 7/12 correction


It is a good approach from Govt. to have 7/12 extract online. But there are certain people who do not found their record of land on updated online 7/12 extract. What is the procedure to update record for these people, even they have earlier Talathi 7/12 mentioning their record???

Some Gunda people are making fool by giving bribe to talathi's and admitting their names is fraud 7/12 extract to get updated it online. How to fight against this????

Awaiting reply....

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Those who are affected must complain, as they may be having such past records or present records. Whenever any mutation is done, it should be supported by documents. In case of such frauds there might be either forgery or fabrication of such records. Revenue authorities take it seriously, and there may not be many such frauds, except some occasional mistakes, if mutation is not done, or if original land records like pass book/title deeds are not available.

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same thing happened with me, few months before i have filed such application with talathi about online name correction. actually he totaly changed my name as owner and possesor from the property of land bearing number record. I had brought to their notice of such mistake. at time of submission of such mistake correction request with past evedience of 7/12 extract and sale deed copy, i have not taken oc copy of it as per his request no need to worry we will make such changes within few days. but now after 4-5 months when i was there for asking why such changes had been not made till todays date. then he told me that we dont have received such type of mistake correction request application. please where can i make complain agaist such people please let me know or how can i through lights on such type matter through rti. i want tell here that i have already filed rti with him about please provide the certified copy of document on the basis of how owner of land record has been transfered from X name to Y name. but even after 40 days he has not given any reply. so in order to make first appeal even i dontt know which is FAA.


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Posted (edited)

Contact an advocate and issue notice under CP Act.

There is a time frame fixed under citizen charter to complete mutation maximum within a month.

Not completing the task with in time frame is deficiency of service.

Even when a citizen files such complaint before District Forum, the costs may not be more than Rs.500/-

As both Revenue and Registration dept have separate set of rules, further remedy is beyond ambit of RTI Act and any efforts now are time and money wasters.

@combat: Visit personally, ask PIO, question why display boards of FAA and address not placed at entrance.  Remember, whenever there is a mutation, they have to preserve that documents at a Hub also, and fraud is not that easy.  They have to trace and they must trace.

Also post this as grievance in online portal of the collector or send it by post.

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