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CIC declares IBA a public authority....once again !!

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CIC has declared the IBA as a public authority once again !!


Earlier IC SA had declared IBA as a public authority and also issued a show cause notice to the IBA.


IBA refused to provide information to the applicants.


Applicants once again approached CIC under Sec 18 of the RTI Act.


Now IC MP has once again declared IBA as a Public authority.


The full order is attached to this post. It also has the earlier order of IC SA.


- - - Updated - - -


Plain stupidity !!


How can a IC (MP) review the decision of another IC (SA). There is no provision for a review under the RTI Act unless there is a apparent error on the face of the record.


IC SA already declared IBA as a Public Authority. He also issued a Show Cause Notice. Now IC MP again declares IBA a PA.....


Madam IC should understand something very simple.... once a person has been pronounced dead, he is dead. There is no point in declaring him dead once again and issuing another death certificate. What a waste of time.


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