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Caste - Sub Caste information





I have asked the information of the Caste - Sub Caste information of employees recruited in government organisations, but CPIO/ FAA/ CIC has denied the request by stating that the following request is exempted from disclosure as no larger interest is established and it’s a third party information which cannot be disclosed under section 8 (J).


Kindly give some references of CIC / High Court / Supreme Court Case Numbers for the same query by which I can pursue my case forward to High Court and I can get Caste -Sub Caste information of Government employees.

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Prasad GLN

When SC has laid down norms for such larger public interest, and when you have to state as to what is larger public interest, it is not proper to seek such suggestions. However open the link and go through most important information.


Fake caste certificate


Moderators may kindly merge this post with other thread as per link.

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