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My brother's were gifted a building of 300 square yards area portion by mother


Good morning sir. My brother's were gifted a building of 300 square yards area portion by mother in the year 1995. Since then both were paying property taxes regularly. Two years back both decided and constructed first floor. The elder brother constructed Part of his building completely but the younger brother could not complete and his part of the portion was kept open with slab only. Both have constructed illigally with out municipal corporation sanction plan. Both were paying property taxes @ Rs.1500/- per year. One fine morning after two years, Municipal corporation staff came to his house and took measurements of the whole building and gone. They didn't gave any intimation to any of my brothers in any way after the measurements nor they gave any notice. In entire Hyderabad municipal corporation limits, hundreds and thousands of high raise buildings are constructed illigally and even till date also it's going on. Aftermonths, my brother checked for the Tax Online and was shocked. My younger brother's tax was increased from ₹1500/- to ₹25,000/- per year and my elder brother's tax was kept same even after completing his portion 100%. My younger brother could not understand why his tax was increased to unacceptable limit. He enquired at the municipal office to know the reason, where he found due to illigal construction his tax was increased. His portioned building portion is only 1200 Sft area. To his dismay, in their locality only their house was targeted. The concerned tax person told my younger brother that the Dy.Commissioner has selected few houses on lottery basis in every locality and as per his directions, they took up the task. What should be done to bring back to the normal tax criteria. How he can be relieved from this problem. What action can be taken against the concerned officer. What relief can he get as per rules as he is not paying the tax amount since two years back. How he can be saved from further action etc


Dear sir please help and give your valuable suggestions.


Warm regards



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The essence of your entire large para is that two brothers have made some constructions without legal approvals, and GHMC enhanced taxes on only one brother and demolished the structures.

The concern is why they have targeted your brother only for charging heavy tax of Rs.25,000/- without full construction and another brother who has completed construction was normal at Rs.1,500/-

Please file RTI Application and seek information as follows:

1)Please provide copy of the norms/orders/circulars that empower Corporation officials to demand heavy tax Rs.25,000/- only on one unfinished construction in.....................................(ref:...................................) while others the tax was Rs.1,500/---as this is discrimination between citizens and unconstitutional.


(Is this also related to your another post with 22 replies ?)

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