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Rti against Electricity Department haryana



Rti against Electricity Department haryana -

Electricity Department not allotted Electricity bill and 3 to 4 month intrest made my bill.


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Prasad GLN

There can be two remedies.

First file RTI Application and seek information as follows (Haryana had a separate format of applicaion and fees which you have to search their website and find out the following:

Information solicited;

1.Please provide me the copy of norms/regulations/orders that empower authorities to send three month's bills at one time and demanding interest from consumer, when the deficiency is with dept.

2.Please provide total number of bills that are not sent monthly and total amount of demanded monthly interest on delayed payments.

Wait for the reply, read the rules perfectly

Then issue a simple registered notice (After payment of such bills) that though there is a deficiency of service in not sending periodically, the dept., is not empowered to fine a consumer for their malfunctioning and demand compensation of Rs.5,000/- as it amounts to mental harassment of lower and middle class customers, who can not pay the bill of such amounts in one lump sum with interest.

Then file a simple complaint before district consumer forum seeking compensation of Rs.5,000/- and total costs may not be more than Rs.500/-in all you argue/appear as a party in person.

You will be doing a great service, as your win in the forum brings to several thousands of customers who are being harassed in this manner, even after computerization, e mails, SMS.  (Many states send SMS/Electricity bills after computerization and during last 15 years, they handover the bill personally after making reading in the meter on 19th of every month.  SO far there was never a delay of one day in 15 years.  In some other states, while issuing demand bill you can also pay the bill to the same man, and official receipt can be issued through hand held machine (This I am talking of 1998).  If compared with Haryana states, they were backward and still the work is streamlined.  (Another development is that individual meters will be installed at substations, and consumer bill will be sent to e mail /SMS on first day of every month, and with a prior authorisation the amount will be recovered from bank account.  That means making the bill, serving, and receiving can be completed within minutes.

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