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I want to file an RTI in a university regarding non-payment of 7th pay arrears to the employees of its project Vidyalaya. Here, Kendriya Vidyalaya is a project vidyalaya. The MoU between University and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan states that the expenditure of the Vidyalaya including salary of employees is paid by the university. KVS has issued orders regarding payment of 7CPC arrears which clearly states that the project will have to pay arrears immediately. It has been more than a month but university hasn't paid any arrears till date. I want to ask university-

1. that what are the reasons behind the delay.

2. Steps taken so far for payment of arrears to its project vidyalaya.

3. Norms of the university in respect of paying expenses to the employees of Vidyalaya.

4. Is university following the norms. Reasons for not following norms.

5. why is there always a shortage of funds for the employees of the vidyalaya.

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Try and frame your RTI queries in such a way that they point towards documents rather than questions and answers. For example:

Kindly provide a photocopy of the following documents / information:

1. Reasons on record for delay in ....

2. Documents wherein has been noted the steps taken so far for payment of arrears to its project vidyalaya.

3. Documents wherein has been noted the norms of the university in respect of paying expenses to the employees of Vidyalaya.

4. If the said norms (ref. point no. 3 above) have not been followed, please provide the documents wherein has been noted the reasons on record for not following the said norms.

5. Reasons on record for shortage of funds for the employees of the vidyalaya.

6. Similarly ....


Please note that you can only ask for reason on record under RTI and not ask them to provide reasons to you, a PIO is merely a person who has access to all the files / information of the public authority, who will access such files / information and provide you with a photocopy / information. Please refer to the following link to learn more about it:

Drafting queries for seeking information.

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Now almost every employer has stream lined that calculation through a system and every employer is providing that calculations to employee in most of the cases.  You can seek information in one sentence.

Subject on information sought: Employee Name:        Designation:              No..          worked at..................Payment of arrears on 7th PC  arrears.

1)Please provide the entire arrears calculation sheet the basis on which total  arrears were  arrived.

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Search website of University, locate public information officer, format of application and mode of paying Rs.10/- fee.  Experts in the forum always advise employees to get RTI Applications filed through friend or relative from outstation, as employer may not be that soft towards RTI applications from employees.

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@hallabol Sir Now I got transerred from that place and my arrears are due. Can I got any suggestions on framing the right questions.

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